Zhuge Jin 10
Zhuge Ke 諸葛恪
Thinking of Family Back Home 興家赤族

Arrogance 傲才
When Zhuge Ke is prompted to play a basic card outside of his turn, he can view the top two cards of the deck. If the card he is prompted to play is present within the two cards, he can discard this card and he is considered to have used it. 

Recklessness 黷武
During his turn, Zhuge Ke can choose any other character and discard X cards, X being the health level of the target, and cause one unit of damage to them. Zhuge Jin can use this ability as many times as he would like during his turn until he brings another character to the brink of death. If this happens, Zhuge Ke suffers one unit of negligence damage and is no longer allowed to use the ability for the rest of his turn.
  • Remember, basic cards include Attacks, Escapes, Peaches, and Wines. Zhuge Ke use "Arrogance" to look for an Escape if he is targeted by an Attack or Hail of Arrows, an Attack if he is targeted by a Duel, Barbarians, or Coerce, a Peach if he or another character is brought to the brink of death and a Wine if he is brought to the brink of death.
  • When Zhuge Jin uses "Arrogance," he cannot change the order of the two cards when he places them back on top of the deck (if he does not use either one).
  • Note that "Arrogance" can only be activated outside of Zhuge Ke's turn.
  • Note that when Zhuge Ke brings another character to the brink of death with "Recklessness," he suffers negligence damage and is forbidden to continue using the ability for the rest of his turn regardless of whether or not the character is saved. 
  • Zhuge Ke can use "Recklessness" more than once during his turn. He can use it as many times as he would like on as many targets as he would like to until he brings a character to the brink of death with it.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • "Arrogance" is a useful defensive ability. It is easy for other players to forget that he has this ability, then have a nasty surprise when Zhuge Ke is miraculously able to neutralize an Attack with Wine with an Escape even if he has no hand cards. 
  • "Recklessness" can be an extremely potent offensive ability, especially against characters with few units of health. It also has the advantage of dealing direct damage that cannot be avoided by playing a card. Remember, this ability can be used multiple times per turn. With a lot of cards, Zhuge Ke can bring a character to the brink of death.
  • "Arrogance" is a useful defensive ability, but it is not reliable. Players that are overly reliant on this ability may find themselves dead very early in the game if they are unlucky with their draws.
  •  "Recklessness" is weak against characters that have many units of health and those that have damage-activated or retaliatory abilities. Also, overuse of this ability will cause damage to Zhuge Ke.

Notable Combinations:
  • Lu Su/Xun Yu/Guo Jia/Liu Bei/Xu Shu/New Xu Shu/Chen Gong/Liu Xie - These characters can help Zhuge Ke acquire more cards so that he can more easily use "Recklessness" and damage his opponents.
  • Dong Zhuo/Hua Xiong/New Hua Xiong/God Lu Bu/God Guan Yu - These characters have a lot of health, making it more difficult for Zhuge Ke to use "Recklessness" on them.
  • Xiahou Dun/Fa Zheng/New Fa Zheng/Guo Jia/Xun Yu/Man Chong - These characters have damage-activated abilities, making "Recklessness" a bad option for hurting them.
 King Zhuge Ke is not a reliable king choice. He can sometimes be strong offensively and defensively, but this depends upon his luck for his draws for "Arrogance" and the health levels of his rebels, who will know to pick characters with a lot of health.
 LoyalistZhuge Ke is a good loyalist pick. He can use "Recklessness" to quickly pick off rebels 
 RebelZhuge Ke can be a good rebel pick, though he should be weary of using "Recklessness" on the king if they have many units of health remaining. In cases like this, it may be better to focus on picking off a loyalist.
 SpyZhuge Ke is a poor spy choice. He can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time to quickly influence the game if one team gains an advantage, but he is just too fragile to last the entire game in most cases.

Final Remarks:
Zhuge Ke is a great addition to the San Guo Sha cast. When using him, try to pick off three-health characters without damage-activated abilities. Without a doubt, they will be your easiest targets. When using Zhuge Ke, it is necessary to be strategic with the cards that you play. For example, it is often better to attack before using "Recklessness" to reduce the target's current health level and therefore reduce the cost of the ability. If you are trying to kill an enemy with two units of health, it may be prudent to use "Recklessness" first, then attack to try to kill them, then use "Recklessness" again if that fails. If you can kill an opponent without using "Recklessness," you can avoid the negligence damage and continue to use the ability on other enemies, possibly with a three-card bounty if the target was a rebel. 

Alternate Appearances:
Zhuge Ke 3
Zhuge Jin 11