Zhuge Jin 7
Zhuge Jin 诸葛瑾
Preserver of the Alliance 联盟的维系者

Aid 弘援
During Zhuge Jin's drawing phase, he can choose to draw one card and select up to two other characters. These characters also draw a card.

Delayed Release 缓释
When any player flips a judgement, they can allow Zhuge Jin, to discard one of his cards. This card becomes the new judgement.

Shrewdness 明哲
Whenever Zhuge Jin uses or discards a red card outside of his turn, he can draw a card.
  • Zhuge Jin was originally released as a character that can only be used in 3v3 mode. In the original version, "Aid" and "Delayed Release" are only usable on his two partners. These abilities have been modified in this QSanGuoSha version so he is usable in the standard San Guo Sha game. 
  • Note that "Aid" is not enforced. Zhuge Jin can choose to forego using this ability in order to draw the two standard cards during his drawing phase. 
  • "Delayed Release" is a judgement tinkering ability much like Sima Yi's "Devil" and Zhang Jiao's "Dark Magic." In cases in which there are multiple judgement tinkerers, the seating arrangement is used to determine the order in which the judgement card is altered. When a judgement card is flipped, start with the character who is currently taking their turn then move to the right to find the first judgement tinkerer, then continue right after the first tinkerer changes the judgement to find the second tinkerer, then repeat this process until all judgement tinkerers have had an opportunity to change the flipped judgement card. 
  • Note that "Delayed Release" can only be activated with both the consent of the character flipping the judgement card and the consent of Zhuge Jin. In effect, Zhuge Jin cannot use this ability 'offensively' like Sima Yi can with "Devil" and Zhang Jiao with "Dark Magic."
  • Zhuge Jin can discard any of his cards when activating "Delayed Release," whether they are in his hand or in his equipment area.
  • Zhuge Jin can use "Delayed Release" to influence his own judgement cards.
  • Note that Zhuge Jin can activate "Shrewdness" anytime he loses red-suited cards outside of his turn. This includes played red-suited cards (such as when Zhuge Jin plays an Escape to neutralize an Attack) or when he discards red-suited cards (such as when another character targets Zhuge Jin with a Break and forces him to discard a red-suited Attack).
  • "Shrewdness" can be used in conjunction with "Delayed Release" to allow Zhuge Jin to draw a card when he discards a red-suited card to influence a judgement card that is flipped outside of his turn. Note that, however, Zhuge Jin cannot use these two abilities together during his turn (or when he alters judgement cards for delay-tool during his judgement phase) as "Shrewdness" can only be activated outside of his turn.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Aid" is useful in strengthening Zhuge Jin's team, as it gives his team a net card advantage of one. 
  • "Delayed Release" is useful for helping Zhuge Jin and his team with judgement cards.
  • "Shrewdness" gives Zhuge Jin a card advantage every time he loses red-suited cards outside of his turn. 
  • "Shrewdness" and "Delayed Release" work very well together.
  • Zhuge Jin seems to be very fragile. "Shrewdness" is useful for getting him more cards, but it is not an infinite cycle. He will eventually run out of red-suited cards and only have black-suited ones unless another character helps him in acquiring more, especially if he uses "Aid" frequently and only draws one card per turn. With only three units of health and an ability that requires cards that will eventually become depleted, he is not strong defensively.
  • As mentioned in the 'Clarification' section, "Delayed Release" cannot be used offensively against opponents. 
  • Zhuge Jin is generally useful in team situations, but there are few characters with abilities that specifically benefit from Zhuge Jin's abilities. 
  • Zhuge Jin is weak in one-on-one and non-team situations.

Notable Combinations:
  • Ma Chao/Younger Zhuge Liang/Xiahou Dun/Zhen Ji/Wang Yi - These characters have abilities that require judgement flips. Zhuge Jin can be an asset to them as he can help to ensure that their abilities work as intended via "Shrewdness."
  • Zhang Jiao/Sima Yi - These characters are judgement tinkerers. Depending on the seating arrangement, they can undermine "Shrewdness" for Zhuge Jin and his team. 
KingZhuge Jin is fairly weak as a king choice. He is fragile and will often break under the pressure of being pursued by several rebels.
LoyalistZhuge Jin is a serviceable loyalist. He can help the king and the other loyalist with "Aid" and his other abilities.
RebelZhuge Jin is a serviceable rebel. He can give his team a card advantage with his abilities, but he must play carefully as he is a fragile character with a three-card bounty on his head.
SpyZhuge Jin is a terrible spy. He needs a team in order to be effective.

Final Remarks:
Zhuge Jin is not an outstanding character in San Guo Sha. To be fair, this is not necessarily the creator's fault, as he was designed to only be used in 3v3 mode. The problem with him seems to stem from the facts that he is weak and that there are few characters that can specifically benefit from his abilities. It is okay to use him just for fun, but do not expect to be the 'breadwinner' of your team when you do.

Alternate Appearances:
Zhuge Jin 10
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