Zhu Ran 3
Zhu Ran 朱然
Motionless Commander 不动之督

Nerves of Steel 胆守
Once per turn, Zhu Ran can chose any player in his attacking range and discard X cards.  If X is one, the target must discard one.  If X is two, the target must give Zhu Ran a card.  If X is three, Zhu Ran damages the target one.  If X is four or more, both Zhu Ran and the target both draw two cards.  
  • Zhu Ran can discard any number of cards that he would like.  The effect varies depending on the number that he discards.
  • When Zhu Ran uses "Nerves of Steel", he can discard both hand cards and equipped cards.
  • Zhu Ran can discard more than four cards, but the effect will not change.  There is nothing to gain by discarding more than four cards at a time.