Zhou Yu 13
Zhou Yu 周瑜
Viceroy 大都督

Brave Gesture 英姿
During his drawing phase, Zhou Yu can draw an additional card.  Zhou Yu's hand limit does not decrease with his health.  

Sow Revolt 反间
Once per turn, Zhou Yu can show a hand card and give it to any other player.  They must then either lose one health or show their entire hand and discard all cards of the same suit as the card Zhou Yu just gave them.  
  • "Brave Gesture" keeps the same ability that it had before, and adds another part.
  • When Zhou Yu uses "Sow Revolt", the target gets to decide which outcome they want to have.  If they choose to discard, at the very least, they will be forced to discard the card that Zhou Yu just gave them.  If the lose the health, it is not damage, so Zhou Yu cannot be targeted with retaliatory abilities.  
  • Zhou Yu gets to choose the hand card he uses for "Sow Revolt".  Everyone at the table gets to see what it is, even if they are not the target.