Zhou Tai N
Zhou Tai 周泰
Battle Records in Scars 历战之躯

Refusing Death 不屈
Whenever Zhou Tai would be brought to the brink of death, he puts a card on his general card.  If the number on that card is different than all the others, Zhou Tai returns with one health.  If the number matches another card, Zhou Tai discards this card and continues to be on the brink of death.  When Zhou Tai has cards on his general card, his hand limit becomes the number of cards that he has on his general card.  

Exertion 奋激
Whenever a player has cards taken or discarded by another person, Zhou Tai can lose one health to let that player draw two cards.  
  • Zhou Tai only gets a single card at a time when he uses "Refusing Death".  This is even if he receives many units of damage all at the same time.
  • "Refusing Death" happens at the time that Zhou Tai would use a Peach.  This means that if Zhou Tai is pushed to the brink of death, he must use "Refusing Death" instead of a Peach.  He can only use his cards if "Refusing Death" fails.
  • If Zhou Tai receives many units of damage and then "Refusing Death" fails, he must have enough Peaches to recover all the damage that was done to him.  
  • Zhou Tai cannot remove any cards from atop his general card.  His health can increase from one, but the cards will remain on his general card.  
  • "Exertion" can only be used if someone's cards are discarded or taken by another person.  This does not included voluntary actions such as using Attacks or Escapes.