Sun Yang
Sun Yang 孙杨

Torpedo 水箭
Sun Yang draws 1+X extra cards in his drawing phase, where X is defined as half of the number of pieces of equipment that he has equipped rounded down.  
  • If Sun Yang is the victim of Starvation, he draws no extra cards via "Torpedo."
  • For those who do not like math, below is a table that gives the number of cards that Sun Yang draws in his drawing phase via "Torpedo" as a function of the number of pieces of equipment he has in his equipment area:
Equipped CardsCards Drawn

 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Torpedo" has the potential to greatly increase Sun Yang's drawing power. With four pieces of equipment, he draws five (!!!) cards in his drawing phase. If he can acquire and keep multiple pieces of equipment, he is a very formidable adversary. 
  • Even if Sun Yang has no pieces of equipment, "Torpedo" still allows him to draw an extra card during his turn. This is nice as it gives him a better chance of finding a piece of equipment than the average character.
  • Sun Yang's equipment will be frequently targeted by Break, Steal, and Coerce by enemy players due to the nature of his ability. This attention can seriously hamper Sun Yang's drawing power.
  • Sun Yang is vulnerable to Starvation and Capture (though to a lesser extent) as these cards rob him of the chance to draw or use cards that he gains from "Torpedo."

Notable Combinations:
  • Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong - Zhang Zhao and Zhang Hong can use their "Direct Instruction" to give Sun Yang equipment cards and increase his draw power via "Torpedo."
  • Zhang He/Wu Guo Tai - These characters can be helpful allies or formidable enemies, depending on whether or not they are on Sun Yang's team. They can easily get him equipment cards, but they can also easily remove his equipment with their abilities.
  • Da Qiao - Da Qiao's "Country Scene" makes it easier for her to target Sun Yang with Capture and prevent him from using the cards that he draws via "Torpedo."
  • Xu Huang - Xu Huang's "Blockade" allows him to more easily use Starvation on Sun Yang and take away his only advantage of drawing additional cards during his drawing phase.
  • Gan Ning/SP Gan Ning/New Ling Tong - These characters have abilities that allow them to easily discard other characters cards. If they use these cards on Sun Yang to discard his equipment, they will seriously hamper "Torpedo."
 KingSun Yang is a good king choice if he can acquire and keep equipment cards. Otherwise, he is weak. It should be noted that because the king chooses their character card before everyone else, the rebels can select characters that can easily remove his equipment.
 LoyalistSun Yang can be a good loyalist depending on the cards he draws. The extra cards he draws via "Torpedo" can be used to kill the rebels or protect the king. 
 RebelSun Yang can also be a good rebel. It is useful to draw extra cards via "Torpedo" to fight the king or help his teammates.
 SpySun Yang is probably best as the spy since he can keep a low profile without hurting a team. Other characters will probably not focus on him and his equipment since they will usually have more important targets. If he can acquire enough equipment, he will be drawing enough cards to keep the game balanced.

Final Remarks:
Sun Yang is definitely the better of the two Olympic characters (though that is not saying much). Read the preceding 'Notable Combinations' section with a grain of salt because the determining factor of Sun Yang's success is not so much the role he plays or the team he is on as it is his ability to acquire and keep equipment in his equipment area. If he can keep several pieces of equipment, he will draw many cards and be able to handle any situation. If he has no equipment in his equipment area, the extra card that he gets via "Torpedo" is not likely to make or break any game. When possible, it is sometimes better to keep extra pieces of equipment in your hand when using Sun Yang.