Sun Lu Ban 5
Sun Lu Ban 孫鲁班
Staying with a Tiger 为虎作伥

Ruin with Slander 谮毁
Once per turn when Sun Lu Ban uses an attack or a black tool card, she can choose another player that is not the target.  That player then decides to also become the target of the card or to give Sun Lu Ban a card and become the source of the card Sun Lu Ban played.  

Pride 骄矜
When a male damages Sun Lu Ban, she can discard an equipment card to reduce the amount of damage they take by one.  
  • "Ruin with Slander" cannot be used with any delay tool cards or tools that do not target anyone.  
  • If the target of "Ruin with Slander" gives Sun Lu Ban a card, they become the source of the effects.  This means that if it were an Attack, the damage would not be caused from Sun Lu Ban.  Instead, the person she targeted with "Ruin with Slander" would be the source of the damage.  
  • If Sun Lu Ban attacks, uses "Ruin with Slander", and the target gives her a card, Sun Lu Ban may attack again on the same turn.  This is because she was not the person that did the attacking previously.  If she does attack again, she will not be able to use "Ruin with Slander" since that is limited to once per turn.  
  • When Sun Lu Ban uses "Pride", she can discard an equipped card or one from her hand.