Sun Lu Ban 3
Sun Lu Ban 孙鲁班

Slander 谮毁
Once per turn, Sun Lu Ban can discard any card and select two people with a hand.  These two then compete.  The loser is damaged one by the winner.

Incest 乱伦
At the beginning of her turn Sun Lu Ban can choose the order of all the phases of her turn.
  • If the two players selected by "Slander" tie, neither one is damaged.  
  • The different phase that Sun Lu Ban can rearrange through "Incest" consist of Judgment, Drawing, Action, and Discard.  She may do these in any order, but must say it at the beginning of her turn.  Once she says the order, she cannot deviate from what she said.
  • If Sun Lu Ban fall prey to Capture or Starvation, she loses that phase, but can rearrange the remaining phases.