Sun Ce 3
Sun Ce 孙策

Eagle 鹰扬
 Whenever Sun Ce attacks another player, he draws a card.

Mighty King 雄主
 King Ability: Whenever a member of Wu wants to attack another player, Sun Ce can provide the attack.
  •  As soon as Sun Ce lays the attack down, he draws the card.  It doesn't matter if it his or not.
  •  Sun Ce does not draw for using attacks within a duel or for Barbarians.  He does draw for responding to Coerce however.
  •  Sun Ce decides if he wants to provide the attack for a member of Wu.  They do not have any choice in the matter.  When Sun Ce does this, he gets to draw a card.  The attack remains the responsibility of the other player however.  They suffer any consequences from causing the damage.  Weapon abilities remain with the other player, Sun Ce's weapon is not considered.