Sun Ce
Sun Ce 孙策
Little Conqueror of Jiangdong 江东的小霸王

Passion 激昂
Whenever Sun Ce uses or is targeted with a duel or red attack, Sun Ce draws a card.

Soul Position 魂姿
If, at the beginning of his turn, Sun Ce has one health, Sun Ce must immediately reduce his maximum health by one. Then, Sun Ce permanently gains Brave Gesture and Brave Spirit.

Takeover 制霸
King Ability: Other Wu characters can compete with Sun Ce. If Sun Ce wins, he keeps both cards. After Soul Position, Sun Ce can refuse to compete.
  •      "Passion" goes into effect before the red-suited Attack or Duel goes into effect. In other words, Sun Ce may draw an Escape or Attack to avoid damage when other characters target him with these cards.
  •      "Passion" is not activated when Sun Ce uses a red-suited Attack in response to a Duel or Barbarians, as he does not target another character with this card when he uses it in this capacity.
  •      When Diao Chan uses "Sow Discord" to force Sun Ce to Duel another character, "Passion" is activated. 
  •      Note that "Soul Position" is an awakened ability and Sun Ce cannot choose to not activate it when the conditions are fulfilled.
  •      "Brave Gesture" is Zhou Yu's ability that allows him to draw an additional card in his drawing phase (net draw of three cards instead of two).
  •      "Brave Spirit" is Sun Jian's ability that allows him to select a character at the beginning of his turn (before his judgement phase) and force them to either draw X cards then discard one card or draw one card then discard X cards, X being the difference between Sun Jian's maximum health and his current health levels.
  •      If Sun Ce is the king and he loses a competition for "Takeover," the two cards used in the competition are simply discarded. 
  •      Note that Sun Ce can only refuse competitions if "Soul Position" has been activated. Otherwise, he cannot turn down a competition from a Wu character.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  •      "Passion" is useful offensively and defensively. In effect, there is no net 'loss' of cards when Sun Ce targets another character with a Duel or red-suited Attack. Additionally, enemies will be reluctant to target Sun Ce with these cards since Sun Ce will draw a card before these cards go into effect. 
  •      "Soul Position" is a great awakened ability as it gives him two very good abilities. With these two abilities, Sun Ce can give himself and a team a powerful card advantage each turn.
  •      Sun Ce is a unique and outstanding king character, as "Brave Spirit" is powerful when Sun Ce has an additional unit of health. Also, unlike other king characters, Sun Ce can actively contribute to the killing of rebels. 
  •      "Passion" may sometimes be difficult to activate if Sun Ce does not get any Duels or red-suited Attacks. It should be noted that most Attack cards are of a black suit. This power also does not provide protection against offensive character abilities or other tool cards.
  •       Sun Ce is significantly weaker when he is not the king. "Brave Spirit" is only available to Sun Ce when his maximum health limit is three (he loses one unit of health from his maximum when "Soul Position" is activated). This means that the maximum value for X is two, resulting in only a net gain/loss of one card from the target of the power.
  •       Sun Ce is the only king character with a king ability that can put him at a disadvantage. Wu characters can compete with Sun Ce when they have high-numbered cards to waste cards from his hand. 

Notable Combinations:
  •      Wu Guo Tai/Hua Tuo - These characters can keep Sun Ce alive at one unit of health, helping him survive long enough to activate "Soul Position" and making "Brave Spirit" more powerful.
  •      Sun Shang Xiang - Sun Shang Xiang can benefit from "Brave Spirit" as she can draw cards and discard equipment, activating "Armed Consorts."
  •      Diao Chan - Diao Chan's "Sow Discord" allows her to force Sun Ce to Duel another character. This activates "Passion" and the other character will likely not want to Duel Sun Ce since the extra card he drew may have been an Attack.
 King     Sun Ce is an outstanding king. As mentioned in the 'Strengths and Weaknesses' section, the extra unit of health really benefits Sun Ce's "Brave Spirit." However, "Takeover" can sometimes put Sun Ce at a disadvantage against Wu characters that are rebels. Wu Loyalists will use low-numbered cards in their competitions to give Sun Ce extra cards. 
 Loyalist     As mentioned previously, Sun Ce is considerably weaker with one fewer unit of health, but he is not so weak as to not be a powerful enough character to keep up with the other characters in San Guo Sha. "Passion" is useful in combating rebels.
 Rebel     Sun Ce is a competent rebel. "Passion" may help Sun Ce in his battles against the king and his loyalists.  
 Spy     Sun Ce is a mediocre spy. He really is not powerful enough to keep the game balanced, even after "Soul Position" is activated.

Final Remarks:
     Sun Ce is an unique character in many ways. He is (for the most part) a brute, but his best role is that of the king. Also, he has the only king ability that may have negative consequences for him. All in all, he is one of the more fun characters to use from the Hills expansion. When using him, you can choose to 'take hits' to lower your health level to one so "Soul Position" can be activated. This is done best by keeping Peaches in your hand at the end of your turns. However, this is a risky strategy. If you are a rebel that is playing against Sun Ce as the king, do not reduce his health to one until you are ready for "Soul Position" to activate, as he becomes significantly more powerful when this happens.

Alternate Appearances:
Sun Ce 10