Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong
Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong 潘璋 & 马忠
Tigers that Capture Dragons 擒龙伏虎

Seize Weapon 夺刀
When Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong are damaged with an attack, they can discard a card and place the equipped weapon of the source in their hand. 

Silent Arrow 暗箭
When Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong damage a character with an attack and that character does not have Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong in their attack range, the damage is increased by one.
  • Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong can discard equipment or hand cards, to activate "Seize Weapon" when they are damaged with an attack. 
  • To activate "Seize Weapon," the damage must come from an Attack. Taking damage from tools does not activate the ability. They can activate this ability when they are damaged by an elemental Attack through the chains.
  • If Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong damage themselves with an attack, they may activate "Seize Weapon" on themselves.
  • "Silent Arrow" is enforced. Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong cannot choose to not activate this ability when the conditions are met.
First Impressions:
Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong's usefulness is very dependent on the situation they find themselves in. The seating arrangement is key. If Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong are a rebel, they want to be seated as far away from the king as humanly possible. Likewise, if they are a loyalist, they want to be close to the king to add distance between them and their targets. "Secret Arrow," as you can probably imagine, is brutal when it goes into effect. "Seize Weapon" is a watered-down version of Sima Yi's "Feedback," but this is understandable since Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong have more health. It also works well in conjunction with "Secret Arrow." The jury is still out on Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong's overall effectiveness. We will let you know when we get more opportunities to test them.

Alternate Appearances: 
Pan Zhang & Ma Zhong