Lu Xun 2
Lu Xun 陆逊
The Pillar of the Sky

Humility 度势
Lu Xun cannot be targeted by steal or capture.

Degree of Potential 谦逊
Once per turn, Lu Xun can discard a red card and select another player. Both the target and Lu Xun draw two cards then discard two cards.  
  • Lu Xun's "Humility" is identical to the normal Lu Xun's "Humility."
  • Lu Xun must target another player when using "Degree of Potential." He cannot simply choose to discard a red-suited card then draw two card then discard two cards.  
  • After drawing two cards via "Degree of Potential," Lu Xun and the target can discard any two of their cards, including hand cards and/or equipped cards.
Final Remarks:
Unfortunately, in the most recent version of QSanGuoSha, which is the first version to have this character, the use of "Degree of Potential" causes the program to crash. As such, selecting this character is like selecting the original Lu Xun without "Linked Camps." Hopefully this glitch will be corrected in a future version of this program. If/when this happens, we will finish a complete write-up for this character.