Lu Su
Lu Su 鲁肃
Arbitrary Diplomat 独断的外交家

Charity 好施
Lu Su can choose to draw an additional two cards. If he has more than five cards afterwards, Lu Su must give half of his hand, rounded down, to a character with the least number of hand cards.

Alliance 缔盟
Once per turn, Lu Su can discard X cards to force two characters to exchange hands, where X is the difference in the number of hand cards. 
  • If Lu Su is targeted with Starvation and fails the judgement, he cannot activate "Charity."
  • If there are multiple players who are tied for having the least number of hand cards and Lu Su activates "Charity," Lu chooses to whom the extra cards go.
  • To fulfill the discarding requirements of "Alliance," Lu Su can choose to discard any combination of hand cards or equipped cards.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Both of Lu Su's powers can give him and his team a big card advantage. Other members of Lu Su's team can plan to end their turn with few or no hand cards so he can use "Charity" to benefit both of them, or he can make this character trade hands with an enemy with a lot of hand cards for "Alliance."
  • Lu Su's "Charity" is very helpful to him when he starts his turn with one or no cards, as he simply gets to draw four cards (!) without giving any away.
  • Lu Su does not have any defensive abilities. With only three health, and a powers that can rob him of most of his cards if used improperly, he can die very easily.

Notable Combinations:
  • Xun Yu - Xun Yu can refill enemy characters' hand cards with "Eternal Loyalty," mitigating the effect of Lu Su's "Alliance."
  • Liu Bei/Xu Shu - Liu Bei and Xu Shu can give away all of their cards, then Lu Su can use "Alliance" or "Charity" to give them more cards.
  • Lu Xun - When Lu Xun gives away his hand for Lu Su's "Alliance," Lu Xun's "Linked Camps" is activated, allowing him to draw an additional card. 
 KingLu Su does not seem to be a good king choice. He has little health and little in terms of defensive capabilities. With the right loyalists, he may be able to win, but he is probably not the safest choice.
 LoyalistLu Su is a competent loyalist. However, he may be targeted by the rebels. Without the right cards, he might die quickly. Lu Su is a great loyalist when the king is Liu Bei, however. 
 RebelLu Su is a great rebel. He can really pull the rug out from underneath the king by making him trade hands with a rebel with few hand cards. 
 SpyLu Su is an interesting spy. He can turn the tide of the game quickly by targeting characters on different sides of the game with "Alliance" in forcing them to exchange all of the cards with another character with a low number of hand cards, then killing them. However, since he has little health and little in the way of defensive abilities, he may not last long enough to make it to the end of the game. 

Final Remarks:
     Lu Su is a lot of fun, but he is seriously flawed in that he is so flimsy. He can completely ruin one character while greatly benefiting another character with "Alliance." Do not underestimate the power of this ability. In fact, it is sometimes better to not use "Charity" if one of your teammates has no hand cards and you want them to trade cards with an enemy. When using his powers, keep careful track of which cards you discard or give away. You have to keep the right cards in order to stay alive until your next turn.

Alternate Appearances:
Lu Su 3