Lu Meng 8
Lu Meng 吕蒙
Growing Ambition in Three Days 士别三日

Self-Restraint 克己
If Lu Meng does not use any attack cards during his turn, he can skip his discard phase.

Diligence 勤学
Once per game at the beginning of his turn, if Lu Meng has at least three more hand cards than health, Lu Meng must decrease his maximum by one and he acquires Strike at the Heart.  In a game with seven or more, Lu Meng only needs two more cards than health.

Strike at the Heart 攻心
Once per turn, Lu Meng can look at another player's hand. He then can choose a heart card from their hand and display it. Lu Meng then either discards that card or puts in on the top of the deck.
  • "Self Restraint" and " Strike at the Heart" are the same powers as the original and god versions of Lu Meng.
  • "Diligence" reduces Lu Meng's maximum and gives him "Strike at the Heart".  If Lu Meng continues to have enough cards in his hand, "Diligence" cannot activate multiple times.  This reduces his maximum only once.  
  • Lu Meng cannot use a single Attack during his turn to activate "Self-Restraint." This includes both him attacking other player and using Attacks in a Duel.  
  • If Lu Meng activates "Strike at the Heart" on a another player who has no heart cards in their hand, he simply looks at their hand and gives it back to them.
  • When using "Strike at the Heart," Lu Meng does not have to remove a heart card if they have one in their hand. In effect, he can simply use the power to look at another player's hand.
  • When using "Strike at the Heart" on Xiao Qiao, Lu Meng can discard a spade since her "Beauty" makes these cards hearts.