Lu Bo Yan a
Lu Bo Yan 陆伯言

God King 神君
At the beginning of the game, Lu Bo Yan selects a gender. At the beginning of each turn, Lu Bo Yan's gender reverses. All non-lightning damage caused by characters of the opposite gender to Lu Bo Yan is prevented.

Burn Camp 烧营
Whenever Lu Bo Yan causes fire damage, Lu Bo Yan can choose another character within the target's physical range and flip a judgement card. If the card is red, Lu Bo Yan causes one unit of fire damage to the target.

Arson 纵火
All of Lu Bo Yan's attacks are considered to be fire attacks.
  • "Burn Camp" can create a cycle damaging one player after another.
  • "Arson" is not an option.  It is required.
Alternate Appearances:
Lu Bo Yan b