Huang Gai
Huang Gai 黄盖
Losing Flesh for the Country 轻身为国

Battered Body 苦肉
As many times as he would like during his turn, Huang Gai can choose to lose one unit of health to draw two cards.
  • Huang Gai can bring himself to the brink of death (or even kill himself outright) with "Battered Body," but he does not get to draw two cards until he is revived.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Huang Gai is one of the best rebel picks. He can draw a lot of cards during his turn and has a good chance of killing the king if he draws the Crossbow
  • Huang Gai has a good chance of drawing Peaches and Wine when activating "Battered Body." This has the effect of extending how many cards he can get during his turn.
  • Huang Gai can kill himself at the end of his turn to prevent enemy characters from killing him to get the three card bounty. 
  • Huang Gai is only good as a rebel. As such, the king will see him as a huge threat and Attack and Capture him to reduce the chances of him destroying the king.

Notable Combinations:
  • Hua Tuo - Hua Tuo can save Huang Gai from the brink of death and let him draw more cards. 
  • Guo Jia - During his turn, Huang Gai could inadvertently hurt Guo Jia. Guo Jia could draw a Peach or Wine
  • Cao Pi - Cao Pi's "Unnatural Death" allows him to keep all of Huang Gai's cards when Huang Gai dies. Because "Battered Body" allows him to essentially hurt himself to draw cards, he will die with many cards for Cao Pi to take. This is useful for Huang Gai if Cao Pi is on his team, but it also makes Cao Pi a dangerous enemy to Huang Gai's team.
  • Zhang Jiao - If Huang Gai Attacks Zhang Jiao, Zhang Jiao could potentially kill him with his power.
 King Huang Gai is a horrible king. His power does not help him live longer. The king role requires needs someone who can last a long time.
Huang Gai is an extremely mediocre loyalist. In order to do the most amount of damage to the rebels, he would use his power as much as he could to get many cards. He has a good chance of killing one rebel, but he will probably not be able to kill all of them. Furthermore, the king will assume that Huang Gai is a rebel and act against him on his first turn. However, if Cao Pi is king, Cao Pi can benefit from Huang Gai's death.
 RebelHuang Gai is not just a good rebel - he is 99% of the time the BEST rebel. He is the most dangerous character in the game because he has excellent drawing power. He can keep hurting himself and often save himself from the brink of death to get more cards. If he gets the Crossbow and is in range of the king, he will deal a lot of damage and possibly kill him on his first turn. If he comes up short, the king will probably be low on cards and health.
 SpyHuang Gai is probably the worst possible spy choice. He has nobody on his team and a power that requires him to hurt himself.

Final Remarks:
Huang Gai is the definitive rebel. He is one of the few characters that can kill the king on the first turn. He is not good in any other position. It is often considered a 'common courtesy' to kill yourself at the end of your turn to prevent loyalists from doing the same and drawing the three card bounty. However, choosing him is not always guarantee that the rebel team will win. Remember, Huang Gai have the king in his Attacking range with the Crossbow to do the most damage. This can be accomplished if Huang Gai draws a -1 Horse and is within two spaces of the king. Also, Huang Gai is the strongest when he is closer to the king's immediate right. If he is on the king's left, more people will have turns before he does and he will take damage.

Alternate Appearances:
Huang Gai 2