Han Dang
Han Dang 韩当
Marquis of the Stone City 石城侯

Horsebow 弓骑
Han Dang can use any equipment cards as Attacks. When he uses equipment, the Attack has unlimited range.

Relief 解烦
When anyone is on the brink of death, Han Dang can Attack the character who is currently taking their turn. If hits, no damage is dealt and Han Dang uses a Peach on the dying character. This ability can only be activated outside of Han Dang's turn. 
  •      The suit of the Attack produced from "Horsebow" is the same as that of the equipment card used in this power. 
  •      Han Dang's "Horsebow" can be activated with equipped equipment or equipment cards in his hand.
  •      Han Dang can use the abilities of an equipped weapon when he activates "Horsebow" so long as he is not using this card to activate the ability.
  •      In order to activate "Relief," Han Dang needs to produce an Attack. He cannot Attack automatically.
  •      Han Dang can only activate "Relief" once per instance that somebody is brought to the brink of death. In other words, he cannot continue to Attack the source until they can no longer Escape.
  •      When activating "Relief," Han Dang can ignore range restrictions even if he is not using "Horsebow."
  •      When Han Dang activates "Relief," the opponent's armor and character abilities go into effect. For example, a character using the Eight Trigrams armor can flip a judgement card to potentially evade the Attack and make Han Dang's power fail. For an additional example, consider Yu Jin. If Han Dang uses a black-suited Attack on Yu Jin, "Heavy Resolve" will render the Attack ineffective and Han Dang will not be able to provide a Peach for the victim.
  •      Han Dang can activate "Horsebow" to use an equipment card as an Attack when he wants to activate "Relief." 
  •      Han Dang can activate "Horsebow" when he is on the brink of death in an attempt to save himself.
  •      When playing the computer program QSanGuoSha, Han Dang can activate "Relief" on himself if somebody dies during his turn. However, the card explicitly states that Han Dang cannot do this. This is a glitch in QSanGuoSha.
  •      If a character dies during their own turn, Han Dang can activate "Relief" on them to save them.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  •      Han Dang's two powers seem to work very well together. If Han Dang has several pieces of equipment in his equipment area as well as Attack cards in his hand, he has a good chance of saving his teammates.
  •      "Relief" is particularly effective against weak characters killing other weak characters. A character with few units of health and only one Escape may not want to use it if they are scared that they will die outside of their turn.
  •      "Horsebow" is useful when trying to finish off a weak enemy who is far away from Han Dang.
  •     Defensive character abilities can really get in the way of Han Dang's "Relief." Even if the enemy does not have a defensive ability, Han Dang cannot ensure that he will be able to save the character on the brink of death with this ability.
  •      "Horsebow" is mainly useful when not used in conjunction with "Relief," as equipment cards are usually more useful than infinite-range Attacks.
  •      When Han Dang has few cards or few units of health remaining, "Relief" becomes a lot less effective and is mainly used when he is trying to save himself.

Notable Combinations:
  •     Wu Guo Tai/Zhang He/Zhang Zhao & Zhang Hong - These characters can easily help Han Dang acquire equipment cards for his abilities.
  •      Sun Quan (as king) - Han Dang's abilities can more easily activate Sun Quan's "Rescued" when he is on the brink of death and heal him two units of health.
  •      Zhen Ji/Liu Shan/Zhang Jiao/Yu Jin/Younger Zhuge Liang - These characters have abilities that protect them from Attacks and make it more difficult for him to activate "Relief."
 King     Han Dang is a mediocre king choice. While he has some nice defensive abilities, he may easily become overwhelmed.
 Loyalist     Han Dang is probably best suited as a loyalist. Rebels who are low on health and bringing a loyalist or the king to the brink of death may think twice about Escaping Han Dang's Attack if they have few Escape cards in their hand, as these characters have a three-card bounty on their heads and need to survive at least until their next turn.
 Rebel     Han Dang is a competent rebel. He can benefit his team greatly with "Relief" and potentially finish off the king with "Horsebow" if he/she is weak.
 Spy     Han Dang is a mediocre spy. He can benefit both sides with "Relief," but he can do little else to turn the tides of battle if one team gets too much of an advantage.

Final Remarks:
     Han Dang seems to fit in well with the rest of the San Guo Sha character roster, which sets him apart from many of the other characters in the second fan-made expansion. His abilities are useful for keeping himself and his teammates alive, but he is not overpowered. When using him, try not to exhaust your equipment and Attack cards during your turn as these cards may critical outside of your turn.