Gu Yong 2
Gu Yong 顾雍
Shining Temple of Jade 庙堂的玉磬

Caution 慎行
During his turn, Gu Yong can discard two cards to draw a card.

Control 秉壹
At the end of his turn, Gu Yong can reveal his hand.  If all his cards are the same color, he can choose X players and they all draw a card.  X is how many cards are in his hand.  
  • Gu Yong can use "Caution" as often as he likes during his action phase.  
  • If Gu Yong only has one card at the end of his turn, he will always be successful with "Control" since the one card will always have the same color as itself.
  • Gu Yong can target himself with "Control" to draw.