Gan Ning
Gan Ning 甘宁
Pirate with Silk Sails 锦帆游侠

Surprise 奇袭
During his turn, Gan Ning can use any black card as break.
  • Gan Ning can use equipped cards that are black to activate "Surprise."
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Gan Ning can be brutal to a single opponent if he spends all of his black cards to use Break on all of the other character's cards.
  • Gan Ning is very helpful against enemy time-delay tool cards. He can really help his team get rid of these cards by using "Surprise" to Break them.
  • "Surprise" is very useful for destroying equipment.
  • If Gan Ning uses all of his black suited cards, he leaves himself open to opposing forces.
  • Gan Ning does not have many options for actually doing damage to other characters. His best bet is to strip them of their cards and let his teammates to the dirty work. As such, he is not a great standalone character.

Notable Combinations:
  • Zhang Liao - When Gan Ning and Zhang Liao work together, their enemies experience a horrible drought of hand cards. Their powers can combine to really weaken enemy forces.
  • New Ling Tong/Ling Tong/Sun Shang Xiang - These characters have abilities that activate when equipment leaves their equipment are. Gan Ning can help them activate these abilities very easily.
  • Lu Xun/ Zhang Chun Hua - These characters have abilities that allow them a minimum number of hand cards at all times. These abilities help them mitigate loses from "Surprise." 
  • Xun Yu - Because Gan Ning is often low on hand cards from using "Surprise," so Xun Yu's "Eternal Loyalty" is useful in re-filling his hand.
 King Gan Ning's "Surprise" does not lend itself well to keeping himself alive and surviving an all-out assault by rebels.
Gan Ning is a mediocre loyalist. If he is to the king's left, he has a good chance of being able to break time-delay tool cards, but his offensive abilities are best suited for situations when he has to strip one person of their cards and let his teammates finish them off. As a loyalist, he will have few teammates and will have to kill many rebels. However, if the king chooses Sun Shang Xiang, he is a good loyalist because he can Break her equipment.
 RebelGan Ning is best as a rebel. He only has one target - the king. He can use his black cards to strip the king of his cards and leave him open for his friends to Attack. He is an excellent rebel against Zhang Jiao, as he can remove his Escapes and make his power useless.
 SpyGan Ning is not a good spy pick. His power does not lend itself well for keeping himself alive for a long period of time and subtly controlling the game.

Final Remarks:
Gan Ning is definitely a team player. "Surprise" is brutal if he gets rid of one character's entire hand. As previously stated, it is also very useful in destroying equipment and delay tool cards. However, when using him, you should be careful to keep enough cards to stay alive if you are unsure if your teammates can finish off your enemy.

Alternate Appearances:
Gan Ning 3
Gan Ning 2