Dong Xi
Dong Xi 董袭
Eight Foot Ferocity 八尺猛汉

Chain Breaker 斩链
Whenever Dong Xi causes elemental damage to a player in chains, Dong Xi can choose to not activate the chains.  If he does this, he draws a card.

Rough Seas 怒涛
Dong Xi can use any red attack as a fire attack, and he can use any black attack as a lightning attack.
  • Dong Xi does not have to use "Chain Breaker".  He can cause damage just like anyone else, but then doesn't get to draw.  
  • When Dong Xi does use "Chain Breaker", the target remains in the chains.
  • Dong Xi can use "Rough Seas" during and outside of his turn.  This can be used at any time he uses any form of an Attack.