Dign Feng 5
Ding Feng 丁奉
The Life-Cleansing Officer

Short Swords 短兵
When Ding Feng attacks a character, he can select another character in his range. This character is also targeted.

Strive to be Quick 奋迅
Once per turn, Ding Feng can discard a card and select any character. This character is considered to be within Ding Feng's attack range for the rest of his turn.
  • Ding Feng cannot target the same character twice with an Attack through the use of "Short Swords," even if they are within his range. A second character must be in his attack range in order for "Short Swords" to be activated.
Final Remarks:
In the most recent version of QSanGuoSha, Ding Feng is present, but "Strive to be Quick" crashes the program. As a result, it is impossible to fully assess his capabilities. That being said, his abilities are unaltered from his Kingdom Wars version and they seem to be adequate enough to make him fit in well enough with the rest of the cast. He seems to be reminiscent of Tai Shi Ci.