Ding Feng 4
Ding Feng 丁奉
Brave and Fierce 骁勇善战

Battle 奋战
Whenever Ding Feng loses equipment, he can attack anyone or damage someone within range.
  • "Battle" is the same power as the old version of Ling Tong's "Whirlwind".
  • Ding Feng cannot simply choose to discard an equipped card to activate "Battle." He must either have another character remove it from his equipment area or he must replace it with another piece of equipment.
  • When using option one from "Battle," Ding Feng does not need to play an Attack. He simply chooses any character and they are attacked by him.
  • If Ding Feng activates option one from "Battle" during his turn, this attack does not count as his attack for the turn. 
  • If Ding Feng activates "Battle" by replacing equipment, the ability takes place after the original piece of equipment is discarded and before the new piece of equipment is placed in his equipment area. For example, if Ding Feng replaces one -1 horse with another and activates option two of "Battle," he has no -1 horse for the calculation of his physical range an can only cause damage to neighbors without a +1 horse.
  • If Ding Feng plays a Wine during his turn then activates option 1 of "Battle," the target is considered to have been attacked with Wine.
  • If Ding Feng uses option one of "Battle," he can use the weapon effect of whatever weapon he has equipped during that time. However, if he is replacing one weapon with another, remember that the power goes into effect before the new weapon is equipped and after the old weapon is discarded. In this situation, Ding Feng has no weapon when the power goes into effect and hence cannot use a weapon effect with the Attack.
  • When Ding Feng activates option one of "Battle," the attack that is produced is colorless and without any elemental attributes.
  • "Battle" is a power that activates on a 'per-instance' basis and not a 'per-piece' basis. If Ding Feng loses multiple pieces of equipment in one instance (such as when Wu Guo Tai uses "Exposure"), he can only activate this ability once. 
  • If another character activates the weapon effect of the Ice Blade and discards two pieces of equipment on Ding Feng, he can activate "Battle" two times, as the two pieces of equipment are removed one at a time.