Ding Feng
Ding Feng 丁丰

Knife 短兵
 When Ding Feng has a weapon with a range less than three, his attacking range is increased by two.  Also, when he uses an attack, he performs two judgments.  If one is black and the other red, the attack does +1 damage and cannot be avoided.

Scute 鳞甲
 Ding Feng cannot receive more than one unit of elemental damage at a time.  
  •  When considering the range of a weapon, Ding Feng looks at what is printed on the card.  This is before he gives it a boost of two.  Horses do not influence this power either.  
  • If Ding Feng does not have a weapon.  His attacking range is one, just like normal, and "Knife" does not apply.
  • If Ding Feng receives multiple units of elemental damage at once, it is reduced to one.