Da Qiao 11
Da Qiao 大乔
Reserved Flower 矜持之花

Country Scene 国色
Each turn, Da Qiao can decide to use any diamond as capture or to use any diamond to remove capture from any player.  When she decides, she draws a card.  

Displace 流离
When Da Qiao is the target of an attack, she can discard any card to redirect the attack to any other player within her attacking range other than the source.
  • "County Scene" is similar to what it was before, but it now has more added to it.  
  • Da Qiao can use "Country Scene" to put Capture onto players or to remove them, but she cannot do both.  She makes a choice beforehand to do one or the other.  When she commits to either, she draws a card.  She still draws a card even if she doesn't ever use the ability that turn.  
  • Da Qiao's "Country Scene" can be activated by using equipped diamond cards or diamond cards in her hand.
  • "Displace" is the same as the the original Da Qiao.
  • Da Qiao can use "Displace" by discarding any hand or equipped card. If Da Qiao discards a -1 Horse or weapon, she forfeits the range of the card before she chooses a target. 
  • Da Qiao's "Displace" goes into effect  before the weapon effects are applied.  For example, a male character attacking Da Qiao with the Gender Swords must wait to see if she passes the attack to another female character before applying the weapon effect.