Da Qiao
Da Qiao 大乔
Reserved Flower 矜持之花

Country Scene 国色
During Da Qiao's turn, she can use any diamond-suited card as Capture.

Displace 流离
When Da Qiao is the target of an Attack, she can discard any card to redirect the Attack to any other player within her attacking range other than the source.
  • Da Qiao's "Country Scene" can be activated by using equipped diamond cards or diamond cards in her hand.
  • Da Qiao can use "Displace" by discarding any hand or equipped card. If Da Qiao discards a -1 Horse or weapon, she forfeits the range of the card before she chooses a target. 
  • Da Qiao's "Displace" goes into effect  before the weapon effects are applied (e.g. a male character attacking Da Qiao with the Gender Swords must wait to see if she passes the Attack to another female character before applying the weapon effect).
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Da Qiao is a great support character. Her "Country Scene" is very powerful and can prevent her enemies from playing during their turn. 
  • Da Qiao's "Displace" is a deterrent for enemies to Attack her. If she has a member of the opposing team in her Attack range, she can pass Attacks directed at her to the other character. "Displace" can also be used offensively if one of her teammates cannot reach an enemy with an Attack and needs her to pass it to them. 
  • Although Da Qiao can redirect Attacks, she has no similar effect for tool cards. She often seems weak to Duels and Barbarians because she only has three units of health and cannot hold many Attacks.
  • The seating arrangement can greatly work against Da Qiao's favor if she sits between two teammates. If she cannot reach an enemy in her Attack range, she will only be able to pass attacks to her allies, an option that she usually does not want to employ. 

Notable Combinations:
  • Sima Yi/Zhang Jiao - These characters are judgement tinkerers and can force the her Captures to fail for her enemiesIf they are enemies, Zhang Jiao does not pose much of a threat because he can only swap judgement cards with black cards and not heart cards needed to make the judgement pass. Sima Yi, however, can make the judgements of her Captures pass, but this will often be expensive for him to do it to multiple teammates.
  • Liu Bei/Gou Jia - These characters can give Da Qiao the diamond-suited cards that she needs to use "Country Scene." 
  • Tai Shi Ci- Taik Shi Ci's "Heaven's Justice" allows him to use two Attacks to Attack two people each time with unlimited reach. Tai Shi Ci can Attack Da Qiao and an enemy in her Attack range with both of his Attacks and Da Qiao can pass the Attack each time to the other victim. This will have the net effect of Attacking this character four (!) times in one turn.
  • Zhuge Liang - Zhuge Liang's "Astrology" allows him to get out of Da Qiao's Capture very easily so long as there is a heart card somewhere in the first five cards of the deck at the beginning of the turn.
  • Lu Meng - Lu Meng does not usually care if he is Captured because his "Self Mastery" can be activated even on turns in which his action phase is skipped.
  • Lu Xun - Lu Xun's "Humility" prevents him from being targeted by Capture, effectively making "Country Scene" useless against him.
  • Gan Ning - Gan Ning can easily Break Da Qiao's weapons and Captures, mitigating the effects of both of her powers.
 King Da Qiao is not a good king choice. Her hand cards tend to run out quickly when she is the center of attention. 
Da Qiao is a good loyalist so long as she is not sitting directly next to the king. If she is sitting next to the king, her "Displace" power is greatly weakened unless she has a large Attack range.
 RebelDa Qiao is a great rebel. She can constantly Capture the king and make him lose a lot of cards during his discard phase.
 SpyDa Qiao is serviceable as the spy. She can use her powers to keep the two teams balanced. So long as she does not make too many enemies, her "Displace" will go a long way in keeping he alive. However, she loses "Displace" in a one-on-one fight with the king.

Final Remarks:
Da Qiao is an excellent support character that can work well on teams or individually. "Displace" is a great defensive power that can defend her against the most common offensive mechanism - the Attack. "Capture" can be very frustrating to her enemies if she is lucky and draws several diamond cards during her turn. However, it should be noted that "Displace" becomes less potent as more expansions are added to the deck as there are more abilities that can cause damage without the use of an Attack. However, she remains useful.

Alternate Appearances:
Da Qiao 2
Da Qiao 4
Da Qiao 3