Cheng Pu
Cheng Pu 程普
Loyal to Three Dynasties 三朝之臣

Fierce Fire 疠火
Cheng Pu can use any of his attacks as a fire attack. If he causes damage, Cheng Pu loses one health. Cheng Pu can target an additional player with a Fire Attack.

Strong Wine 醇醪
At the end of Cheng Pu's turn, if he has no Alcohol Tokens, he can play any number of attacks as Alcohol Tokens. When anyone is on the brink of death, Cheng Pu can discard an Alcohol Token and get healed from wine.
  •      Cheng Pu does not suffer negligence damage when he damages another player with a normal Fire Attack. He only suffers this damage with "Fierce Fire" when he converts a normal Attack into a Fire Attack.  
  •      Cheng Pu cannot use the weapon ability of the Serpent Spear to use two cards as an Attack then use "Fierce Fire" to convert it into a Fire Attack.
  •      Cheng Pu cannot use the weapon ability of the Fire Fan to convert a normal Attack into a Fire Attack then use "Fierce Fire" to target two people with this Fire Attack and avoid negligence damage if the Attack lands. The Fire Fan converts an Attack into a Fire Attack after a character has been targeted. 
  •      Note that "Strong Wine" occurs after Cheng Pu's discard phase. In other words, Cheng Pu cannot convert Attacks discarded during his discard phase into Alcohol Tokens.
  •      Note that Cheng Pu can only convert Attacks into Alcohol Tokens when he currently has no Alcohol Tokens. He cannot add more Alcohol Tokens to his collection if he has at least one at the end of his turn.  
  •      Because the use of "Strong Wine" is not considered to be the use of a Peach, it bypasses Jia Xu's "Complete Kill."

 Strengths Weaknesses
  •      Cheng Pu is pretty well-rounded for a character with four units of health. It is not often that a character with this much health has two abilities, one offensive and one defensive.
  •      "Fierce Fire" is particularly effective when targeting two Chained enemies or an enemy that has equipped the Wooden Armor. This power is even more effective when Cheng Pu has a printed Fire Attack, as he does not risk losing health when he uses this ability.
  •      "Strong Wine" essentially allows Cheng Pu to convert Attack cards into units of health.
  •     Although he has two powers, Cheng Pu is not a really fun character to use. 
  •      "Fierce Fire" is a useful only in select situations. If Cheng Pu Attacks two people and only successfully damages one when converting a normal Attack into a Fire Attack, he loses one unit of health. In general, it is not good to lose one unit of health in order to only cause one unit of damage with this ability. 
  •      When Cheng Pu is low on health, he can hold fewer Attack cards in his hand for the use of "Strong Wine." This greatly decreases his healing abilities.
  •      Cheng Pu's two abilities work antagonistically. Both powers require Attack cards. If Cheng Pu uses "Fierce Fire" and damages an opponent, he loses health and space to hold Attack cards that can be converted into Alcohol Tokens after his discard phase.

Notable Combinations:
  •      Pang Tong - Pang Tong's "Shackle" allows him to more easily Chain up Cheng Pu's enemies. This can greatly increase the effectiveness of "Fierce Fire."
 King     Cheng Pu is a mediocre king choice. While "Strong Wine" is useful for helping keep himself and his loyalists alive, he does not have any other powers that are useful for this role.
 Loyalist     Cheng Pu is a competent loyalist. "Strong Wine" is helpful in keeping the king alive when he fights aggressive rebels and "Fierce Fire" can be used to target two rebels at once.
 Rebel     Cheng Pu is a competent rebel pick. He can help keep other rebels alive with "Strong Wine."
 Spy     Cheng Pu is a serviceable, but not outstanding spy. "Strong Wine" can be useful in keeping the right people alive, but "Fierce Fire" may cause too much damage to Cheng Pu unless very carefully used.

Final Remarks:
     Before this expansion was released, we thought that it was impossible for a character to be both complex and boring at the same time. Cheng Pu proved us wrong. He is not particularly bad, but he is not fun to use either. He does not seem capable of employing advanced strategies. Another issue we would like to address is his horrid character portrait. Was this picture really the best one entered in the contest that yielded these characters and their abilities? If this is the case, we would hate to see what the runner up portraits looked like. Anyway, if you select this character, only use "Fierce Fire" if you have a printed Fire Attack or if you are sure that both characters will either Escape the Attack or if you are sure that both characters will be damaged by the Attack. The unit of negligence damage taken is not worth dealing only one unit of damage. Also, if you can end your turn with four Attack cards in your hand, convert all of them into Alcohol Tokens immediately on that turn. You and your team will not regret this decision later.