Bu Lian Shi 3
Bu Lian Shi 步练师

Affection 见爱
 Outside of her turn, when any player loses an equipped card, that player can allow Bu Chen Shi to recover one blood.  If she is at full health, she draws one instead.  

Favor 慈惠
 During her drawing phase, Bu Chen Shi can choose any other player.  This player draws one after she draws.
  •  Bu Lian Shi can use "Affection" for herself.  When she loses equipment outside of her turn, she can heal herself or draw.  When other people lose cards though, it is up to them.  The other players can decide to not let her heal.
  •  Bu Lian Shi cannot target herself for "Favor".  This is strictly for other people, if she wants.  She does not have to choose another player.