Zhong Shi Ji
Zhong Shi Ji 钟士季

Conspiracy 共谋
At the end of his turn, Zhong Shi Ji can select another character. After that character's drawing phase, they must give Zhong Shi Ji X hand cards.  X is the the number of hand of the target or Zhong Shi Ji, whichever is smaller.  Afterwards, Zhong Shi Ji gives the target X hand cards.
  • Both Zhong Shi Ji and the target end with the same number of cards that they begin with.  They cards may be switched, but the numbers remain the same afterwards.
  • Zhong Shi Ji targets a character with "Conspiracy" at the end of his turn, but it does not take effect until after the target's drawing phase.  He must wait until then.
  • If the target dies before their next drawing phase, the effects of conspiracy are ignored that round.