Zhen Ji
Zhen Ji 甄姬
Unfortunate Beauty 薄幸的美人

Overturned Country 倾国
Zhen Ji can use any black hand card as escape.

River Goddess 洛神
Before her judgment phase, Zhen Ji can choose to flip a judgement card. If it is black, she choose to flip over another judgement card. This process continues until Zhen Ji flips a red judgement card. The red judgement card is discarded and the black judgement cards are placed in Zhen Ji's hand.
  • Zhen Ji activates "River Goddess" before she flips judgement cards for pending time-delay tool cards. 
  • Zhen Ji's "River Goddess" judgement cards are subject to judgment tinkerers. 
  • "River Goddess" does not replace her drawing phase. In effect, Zhen Ji gets to keep all black judgement cards and gets to draw an additional two cards in her drawing phase.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Zhen Ji has incredible drawing power via "River Goddess." 
  • "Overturned Country" allows Zhen Ji to use any half of the cards in the deck as Escape. Not only does this allow her to avoid damage from Attacks, it also allows her to discard regular Escapes to hold other useful cards in her hand. With "River Goddess," Zhen Ji has a good chance of getting many of these black cards to store at the end of her turn.
  • As mentioned previously, "River Goddess" happens before pending time-delay tool card judgements are flipped. Zhen Ji has a chance of drawing a Negate with her power that she can use to avoid the tool card.
  • Zhen Ji can be unlucky with her "River Goddess." Statistically speaking, one can expect her to get no extra cards 50% of the time. 
  • "River Goddess" can be stopped by Sima Yi's "Devil" and Zhuge Liang's "Astrology."
  • Zhen Ji is a high-profile character. Other characters may team up against her. As she becomes more damaged, she can hold fewer cards and she becomes easier to damage.
  • All Draw 2 and Peach cards are red, so Zhen Ji will not be able to draw these via her ability.

Notable Combinations:
  • Sima Yi - Sima can be Zhen Ji's best friend or the greatest throne in her side. He can 'fill in the gaps' of her "River Goddess" by swapping out red judgement cards with black cards from his hand via "Devil." However, he can also prevent her from drawing any black cards by replacing the first black card with a red card. Zhen Ji is ultimately at his mercy if he is the only judgement tinkerer (or if Zhang Jiao is in play, but must switch first before Sima Yi based on the seating arrangement).
  • Zhuge Liang - Like Sima Yi, Zhuge Liang can be an asset or a curse for Zhen Ji. He can rearrange the top cards of the deck to ensure that she gets a few black cards, or he can make sure her first judgement is red, ruining her ability. Although Jhuge Liang has a powerful amount of leverage against Zhen Ju, he must sit to her immediate left in order to influence "River Goddess" with his "Astrology." Also, Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao are able to 'override' Zhuge Liang's picks, so his power may not be absolute even if he is to her immediate left.
  • Zhang Jiao - Like Sima Yi, Zhang Jiao can also influence judgement cards, but unlike Sima, he cannot do so in such a way that decreases the total number of cards that Zhen Ju draws via "River Goddess." As such, he is a smaller threat as an enemy to her in this respect. If Zhen Ji is about to draw a black card that he does not want her to have, he can swap it out with another one of his black cards, but Zhen Ji is not put at a big disadvantage when this happens. Zhang Jiao would be good to have on your side as he can swap any of his black cards (equipped or on hand) to help her draw. This makes him a better ally than Sima Yi because Sima can hold fewer black cards.
  • Cao Cao (as king) - Cao Cao can use his "Escort" to solicit Zhen Ji for an Escape. Zhen Ji's "Overturned Country" allows her to use any Black card to answer his call and protect him.
  • Cao Pi (as king) - Zhen Ji is a powerful ally to her husband, Cao Pi. His "Exalt" allows him to draw as many cards as she does with her "River Goddess."
  • Ma Chao/Huang Zong - Ma Chao can use "Iron Cavalry" to potentially make his Attack inescapable. This neutralizes Zhen Ji's "Overturned Country." Similarly, Huang Zong can make his Attacks inescapable under the right conditions.
  • Yu Jin - Yu Jin's "Heavy Resolve" makes all of the Attack cards that Zhen Ji draws for "River Goddess" ineffective against him, as all of these cards are black.

 King Zhen Ji can be a competent king, but there are usually better choices. If Sima Yi is a choice for a rebel, her "River Goddess" will never work for her (unless he is killed). She only has three units of health (four if she is king and there are at least five players) and no abilities that would deter one from trying to Attack her, so she might be pursued aggressively. 
Zhen Ji can make for a good loyalist. As previously mentioned, she is especially useful to Cao Cao and Cao Pi.
 RebelZhen Ji's "River Goddess" can give he many cards that she can use to fight the king and his loyalists.
 SpyZhen Ji has excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. As a result, she can survive the 'long haul' and also fight when she needs to kill a rebel/loyalist.

Final Remarks:
Zhen Ji is one of the best characters in the game because her two abilities allow her to play well offensively and defensively. As such, she is good in most roles. If Zhuge Liang or Sima Yi are negatively impacting your "River Goddess," try to kill them and prevent such interference in the future. Also, if it is the end of your turn, discard all Escapes, as these cards are obsolete when you can use any black card as an Escape or for its original purpose. Preferably, it is nice to keep extra black Attacks or black Negates. 

Alternate Appearances:
Zhen Ji 7
Zhen Ji 6
Zhen Ji 5