Zhang He 3
Zhang He 张颌

Altercation 巧变
 Once per turn, Zhang He can compete with any player.  If he wins, he can select any two players.  Zhang He then selects a category and switches the cards between the two players.  He can change at most 1 card from each player.  If Zhang He loses, he must discard another card and end his action phase.
  •  Zhang He does not need to use the same target for competing and the switching.  Zhang He can even switch his own cards with any player.
  •  He must switch cards from the same category.  This means that he can swap armors, weapons, +1 horses, -1 horses, pending judgments, or hand cards.  The two players swap what they have in that same spot.  
  •  If one player does not have a card in that area, he will simply gain the other players card from that spot.