Yu Jin
Yu Jin 于禁
Wei Military Mainstay 魏武之刚

Heavy Resolve 毅重
When Yu Jin has no armor equipped, black-suited Attacks have no effect on him.
  • "Heavy Resolve" is not the equivalent of having the Black Shield equipped - the Black Pommel can be used to bypass the Black Shield, but not "Heavy Resolve." Do NOT equip the Black Shield if you are using Yu Jin, as this piece of equipment is inferior to his power.
  • "Heavy Resolve" does not apply to black Attack cards used in a Duel.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Most Attacks are black, so Yu Jin is has a lot of protection against the most basic method of damaging a character in the game. Additionally, Yu Jin has four units of health, so he can usually survive for a long time.
  • Yu Jin may be great defensively, but he has no offensive capabilities or any advanced strategies to call upon. Because of this, he cannot contribute to most team strategies and he is not a lot of fun to use.
  • There are many characters who can find ways around his defense to black Attacks to damage him.
  • "Heavy Resolve" makes all armor useless for Yu Jin, as he becomes 'vanilla' the moment he equips a piece of armor.

Notable Combinations:
  • Guan Yu/Zhao Yun/Xiao Qiao - These characters can easily bypass "Heavy Resolve." Guan Yu's "Fighting Saint" allows him to use any red card as Attack. These red Attacks are not covered by "Heavy Resolve." Zhao Yun's "Dragon Courage" allows him to use Escapes as Attacks. Because all Escapes are red, he can easily bypass Yu Jin's power. Finally, Xiao Qiao's "Beauty" turns her spades into hearts. Her spade Attacks become heart Attacks, and as with before, they are not blocked by "Heavy Resolve."
  • Xun Yu/Diao Chan/Zhang Jiao/Younger Zhuge Liang/Yan Liang & Wen Chou/etc. - The characters listed here are just a small subsection of all of the characters that can damage Yu Jin through methods other than Attacking.
  • Cao Cao (as king) - Cao Cao can benefit from having Yu Jin as a loyalist because he can call upon him for Escapes. Because Yu Jin cannot be targeted by most Attack cards, he can more easily store Escapes than other Wei characters.
 KingYu Jin has the fortitude to last a long game of San Guo Sha, but his lack of offensive options will hinder him when trying to kill rebels.
 LoyalistUnless the king is Cao Cao, the loyalist should not choose Yu Jin. Yu Jin's defensive powers will not help him kill rebels. In fact, it may only drive the rebels to pursue the king more aggressively if they are unable to engage with Yu Jin. Even if the king is Cao Cao, the loyalist should look elsewhere for better choices.
 RebelYu Jin is not a good rebel choice. His lack of offensive options will make it difficult for him to kill the king. It is not uncommon for Yu Jin to be powerless to do anything but watch the loyalists and king kill the other rebels instead of him. After they are done killing the other rebels, Yu Jin is left with very little as they finish him off.
 SpyYu Jin seems to be the best suited for the spy role. Other characters will not likely be interested in trying to kill him, as he is not a big threat and he is quite hard to hit. However, it is difficult for Yu Jin to turn the tides of battle quickly if one team gains a significant advantage.

Final Remarks:
It is very easy to forget that Yu Jin exists because of his complete lack of anything interesting to offer this game. It does not help that he cannot benefit any team very well with his power and there are multiple ways to bypass his defenses. If you do use this character for some reason, do not equip armor, even if you get the Eight Trigrams. By making this power only work when he does not have armor, the gamemakers at YOKA are implying that his power is better than any armor. Besides, if a piece of equipment is better than Yu Jin's one and only power, why would anybody ever pick him?