Yang Xiu
Yang Xiu 杨修
A Gift Put to Waste 恃才放旷

Box of Cake 啖酪
When a tool card is played that affects multiple characters including Yang Xiu, he can choose to draw a card immediately. If he chooses to do this, he is not affected by the tool card.

Chicken Bone 鸡肋
Whenever Yang Xiu is damaged by another player, he can state any type of card (basic, equipment, or tool). This character cannot use or discard cards of this type for the rest of that turn.
  • The tool cards for which Yang Xiu can activate "Box of Cake" are Barbarians, Hail of Arrows, Peach Garden, Coerce, Harvest, and Chains
  • If Yang Xiu is the only character targeted by any of the previously mentioned cards (i.e. if he is in a one-on-one situation), he cannot activate "Box of Cake."
  • When Yang Xiu activates "Box of Cake," he draws the card before the tool card goes into effect. For example, if someone plays Barbarians, Yang Xiu draws the card before the person to the immediate right of the player who plays the card has to play an Attack. If Yang Xiu activates "Box of Cake" when Harvest is played, he draws one card after the other cards are flipped face up from the deck for the other characters to draw.
  • Yang Xiu can activate "Box of Cake" when he plays Peach Garden, Chains (if he targets himself with this card) and Harvest.
  • When "Chicken Bone" is activated, note that the source of the damage is unable to discard cards the of a certain type until the end of the current turn. For example, if Yang Xiu is damaged as a result of Xun Yu's "Rouse the Tiger," the character that Xun Yu targeted with this ability is also targeted by "Chicken Bone," not Xun Yu. The effect would also only last until the end of Xun Yu's turn.
  • The effects of "Chicken Bone" last until after the discard phase. For example, if someone damages Yang Xiu and he selects the tool cards, the source cannot discard tool cards at the end of their turn. If the source has more tool cards than units of health, they must show everyone at the table their hand, then discards all other cards and keep the tool cards in their hand.
  • If Yang Xiu damages himself during his turn, he can activate "Chicken Bone" on himself if he so chooses.
  • "Chicken Bone" is one of the few abilities that is activated the instant before Yang Xiu receives damage. If Yang Xiu is killed by another character, he can still activate "Chicken Bone."
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Box of Cake" gives Yang Xiu one of the best defenses against Barbarians and Hail of Arrows. He excels in games in which these tool cards are prominent. 
  • "Chicken Bone" gives Yang Xiu a defense against 'barrage' characters like Yan Liang & Wen Chou, Zhang Fei and Huang Yue Ying. He can prevent them from damaging him multiple times in one turn by activating "Chicken Bone" and picking the right type of card. Similarly, this power gives him protection against the Crossbow if he picks basic cards with this power.
  • If a novice is not paying very close attention, Yang Xiu can put them in an awkward situation with "Chicken Bone." If they have several tool or equipment cards in their hand and Yang Xiu chooses this type of card for them not to discard, they will end their turn with a hand full of cards that they cannot use outside of their turn. 
  • "Chicken Bone" is not very powerful in most situations. Experienced players will play all equipment and tool cards before Attacking Yang Xiu, making this ability nearly useless. 
  • "Chicken Bone" will not prevent characters from using character abilities to damage Yang Xiu during their turn. 

Notable Combinations:
  • Yuan Shao - Yuan Shao's "Random Strike" allows him to use Hail of Arrows more easily than other characters. Each time he activates this ability, he weakens all other characters and makes Yang Xiu stronger as he can activate "Box of Cake."
  • Xun You - Like Yuan Shao, Xun You's "Element of Surprise" allows him to use Barbarians and Hail of Arrows more easily. Yang Xiu can benefit from this. 
  • Cao Cao - Cao Cao's "Evil Hero" allows him to acquire Barbarians and Hail of Arrows cards that damage him. He can reuse these cards and allow Yang Xiu to draw additional cards via "Box of Cake."
  • Zhu Rong - Zhu Rong's "Giant Elephant" allows her to collect Barbarians cards that are played by other players. Yang Xiu can benefit from this power with "Box of Cake" each time Barbarians is played.
  • Dian Wei/Xun Yu/Diao Chan/Zhang Jiao - These characters have abilities that can deal direct damage to Yang Xiu. "Chicken Bone" will not protect him against these abilities after he has taken his first hit.
 KingYang Xiu is a poor king choice. While loyalists can pick characters that can benefit Yang Xiu (as listed in the 'Notable Combinations' section) rebels will be wise in their choices and pick characters that can bypass "Chicken Bone."
 LoyalistYang Xiu is a good loyalist when the king is Cao Cao and Yuan Shao for reasons listed in the 'Notable Combinations' section. However, he is weak in most other situations.
 RebelAgain, Yang Xiu is a good rebel when Cao Cao and Yuan Shao are the king or if these characters are prominent in the game he is playing, but he does not have many other options for dealing damage to the king.
 SpyYang Xiu is a mediocre spy. He can easily keep a low profile and benefit from "Box of Cake," but there is little he can do when one side gains an advantage.

Final Remarks:
Yang Xiu was the very first SP character. He was released in January of 2011. As such, he is probably difficult to find now. If you are not a collector of these cards and are only concerned with finding characters who are fun to use or well balanced, do not bother to track down Yang Xiu. He is weak relative to the rest of the San Guo Sha cast. If you are going to use him, be sure to only use him in situations in which you know that Yuan Shao or Cao Cao will be prominent. It is still possible to win with him in situations in which other characters are used, but you will be at a disadvantage.

Alternate Appearances:
Yang XiuYang Xiu