Xiahou Dun
Xiahou Dun 夏侯敦
One Eyed Companion 独眼的罗刹

Unyielding 刚烈
When Xiahou Dun is damaged by another character, he can flip a judgment card. If the card is not a heart, the character that damaged him must either receive one unit of damage from Xiahou Dun or discard two hand cards.
  • Xiahou Dun's "Unyielding" works on a 'per instance' basis. If he were attacked with Wine, he could only flip one judgment.
  • If Xiahou Dun is on the brink of death, he cannot activate "Unyielding" until he is revived. As a result, he cannot flip a judgement card if he dies in an act of spiteful revenge.
  • If the person that damaged Xiahou Dun only has one card, they must take the damage and do not have a choice.  
  • When Da Qiao passes an attack or Xiao Qiao passes damage to him, the original player that played Attack or caused the damage is the person who would be targeted by "Unyielding." If Xiao Qiao passes back damage from Xiahou Dun, the person he targets with "Unyielding" is himself. It is not advisable to activate Xiahou Dun's power in this scenario.
  • Note that "Unyielding" is not enforced, meaning that he can choose not to use it if one of his allies inadvertently hurts him.
  • Xiahou Dun can activate "Unyielding" if he plays the Duel card on another player and loses.
  • If Xiahou Dun damages another character with a retaliatory ability with "Unyielding," the other character can activate their retaliatory ability on him. For example, if Xiahou Dun is damaged by Sima Yi and he activates "Unyielding," Sima Yi can choose to take the damage and then activate his "Feedback," allowing him to take one of Xiahou Dun's cards.
Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Xiahou Dun is one of the most defensive characters in the game. He has four units of health and a powerful deterrent.
  • As stated in the clarification section, Xiahou Dun can activate his power if he loses a Duel, even if he was the one who initiated it. Duel allows Xiahou Dun to put an enemy character in a lose-lose situation in which a negative outcome is eminent no matter if they win or lose the Duel.
  • Xiahou Dun's ability may make some characters with few hand cards and little health think twice before using Barbarians or Hail of Arrows. This could work to Xiahou Dun's team's advantage if there are some players who are low on health and would die if these cards are played.
  • Xiahou Dun has an excellent defense, but he has few unique offensive options. 
  • As with other 'per instance' abilities, his power is not as effective against characters who are able to do more than one unit of damage per instance.
  • Xiahou Dun may have a powerful determent ability, but he has few options for protecting his teammates or strengthening his teammates other than the passive threat of him using his ability against an enemy who uses  Barbarians or Hail of Arrows.

Notable Relationships:
  • Zhang Chun Hua - Zhang Chun Hua's "Unfeeling" causes problems for Xiahou Dun, as she is not considered the source of damage when she hurts him. This protects her from his "Unyielding".
  • Diao Chan - Diao Chan can force Xiahou Dun to fight one of his male allies via "Sow Discord." If Xiahou Dun is damaged in the process, he can only target the person he dueled, not Diao Chan.
  • Xun Yu - Xun Yu can can use "Rouse the Tiger" to force one of Xiahou Dun's allies to cause damage to him. As with Diao Chan, the source of the damage is Xiahou Dun's ally, not Xun Yu.
  •  Zhen Ji - Zhen Ji can amass a large number of cards in a short amount of time with her "River Goddess" ability, so she would have no problem with discarding a couple of extra hand cards to avoid damage from "Unyielding."
KingXiahou Dun is a mediocre ruler. His ability can cause major problems for players whose only possible strategy is to damage him directly. However, you should be aware that rebels will likely select characters that can fight him indirectly. Also, the burden of "Unyielding" is decreased when multiple characters damage him.
Xiahou Dun is not a good loyalist. His "Unyielding" ability will deter rebels from trying to damage him. Instead, they will put more effort in trying to damage the King instead. This defeats the purpose of choosing him as a loyalist and trying to protect the ruler.
RebelXiahou Dun is a good choice for a rebel. The King and Loyalists will have to eventually kill Xiahou Dun, giving him opportunities to use his power. You should realize, however, that with a three-card bounty on his head, Xiahou  Dun's ability will not prevent your enemies from attacking you.
SpyXiahou Dun is a good choice for a spy. As the spy, the other characters will be more effectively deterred from trying to damage him. Both sides will be focused on each other and not want to lose anything from hurting Xiahou Dun. This is not meant to imply that you will never be damaged as Xiahou Dun in this position, but an all out assault on you is unlikely. One weakness of Xiahou Dun in this position is that he cannot change the tides of battle quickly. Instead, it is necessary for him to work to keep both sides weak as part of a long-term strategy. 

Final Remarks:
Xiahou Dun is one of our personal favorite characters because he has four units of health and a standoff-ish ability. However, we recognize his fundamental flaw - he has little to offer in a team situation. San Guo Sha is a game in which team play is critical, and Xiahou Dun can do little to contribute to a larger goal. However, this is not to say that he is never useful. Xiahou Dun is great in a one-on-one match and he can voluntarily take damage from Barbarians or Hail of Arrows to activate "Unyielding" on an unsuspecting foe.

Alternate Appearances:
Xiahou Dun 3