Wang Yuan Ji 5
Wang Yuan Ji 王元姬
Civilized Queen 文明皇后

Snuff Rebellion 扶亂
Once per turn, Wang Yuan Ji can discard three cards of the same suit and select any other character in her attacking range. This character flips their character card. For the rest of her turn, Wang Yuan Ji cannot attack another character.

Virtue 淑德
At the end of her turn, Wang Yuan Ji draws cards until the number of card in her hand is equal to her maximum health limit.
  • Wang Yuan Ji can use an attack any character in her attacking range before the use of "Snuff Rebellion." 
  • After Wang Yuan Ji uses "Snuff Rebellion," she can use Attacks in a Duel during her turn.
  • "Virtue" occurs after Wang Yuan Ji's discard phase. 
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Snuff Rebellion" is an amazing power. It is very powerful when used on the same character turn after turn. This character misses their turns and the opportunity to draw cards. Wang Yuan Ji's allies can team up on the character to kill them quickly.
  • "Snuff Rebellion" and "Virtue" work well together. Wang Yuan Ji can use "Snuff Rebellion" then use all other cards in her hand that she can use to end her turn with very few cards, then draw many cards via "Virtue."
  • Wang Yuan Ji is almost invincible in a one-on-one battle, as she can flip the enemy turn after turn and the enemy has no allies to fight her during the lost turns.
  • "Snuff Rebellion" is very expensive. It not only requires Wang Yuan Ji to discard three cards, but she also must discard three cards of the same suit. "Virtue" helps Wang Yuan Ji restock her hand cards, but the player must keep in mind that Wang Yuan Ji must have the cards to perform "Snuff Rebellion" during her action phase. Outside of her turn, Wang Yuan Ji must sometimes not respond to Attacks or Barbarians in order to ensure that she can use "Snuff Rebellion" during her turn.
  • The usefulness of "Snuff Rebellion" is dependent upon her attacking range. As a result, +1 Horses can get in her way. Also, enemies will remove her -1 Horses and weapons whenever possible to prevent her from reaching her enemies.
  • Wang Yuan Ji is a high profile character. Enemies will focus more on her than her allies in an attempt to kill her. Also, she is weak to card destruction techniques, and characters with these abilities will focus their efforts on her.

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei/Wang Yi/Guo Jia/Xu Shu/New Xu Shu - These characters specialize in giving other characters cards. Because "Snuff Rebellion" is very expensive, these characters can help Wang Yuan Ji stay well stocked on cards.
  • God Cao Cao/God Lu Bu/Cao Ren/SP Cao Ren - These characters have powerful abilities that force them to flip their character cards. As a result, Wang Yuan Ji can use "Snuff Rebellion" to re-flip them and mitigate the drawbacks of these abilities. 
  • Gan Ning/Zhang He/Zhang Liao/Jiang Wei - These characters specialize in card destruction and can seriously inhibit Wang Yuan Ji's ability to use "Snuff Rebellion."
  • Cao Pi/New Xu Shu - These characters can counter "Snuff Rebellion." Cao Pi can use "Exile" to re-flip a character that Wang Yuan Ji targeted via "Snuff Rebellion," and New Xu Shu can use "Recommendation" to accomplish the same effect.
KingWang Yuan Ji is a powerful king choice, especially if there are five or more players. The extra unit of health greatly increases the potency of "Virtue," which greatly increases the chances that Wang Yuan Ji will be able to use "Snuff Rebellion."
LoyalistWang Yuan Ji is a good loyalist. She can use "Snuff Rebellion" to flip a rebel turn after turn. However, players should be weary of picking her if she is right next to the king, as she is best when she is surrounded by rebels so she ensure that she can always reach a rebel.
RebelWang Yuan Ji is a good rebel, especially if she is next to the king. She can use "Snuff Rebellion" to pin the king down turn after turn.
SpyWang Yuan Ji is a poor spy pick. She is a high-profile character and she will have no allies.

Final Remarks:
Wang Yuan Ji is the standout character of the four released DIY characters. She is overpowered in one-on-one battles, but with more and more characters, she is more balanced. When using her, do not have the same mindset that one would when they are using Xun Yu. While these two characters are similar in that they can easily refill their hands with their powers, remember that Wang Yuan Ji needs the three cards of the same suit up front during her action phase.