wang Yuan ji 3
Wang Yuan Ji 王元姬
Civilized Queen 文明皇后

Snuff Rebellion 扶亂
Once per turn, Wang Yuan Ji can discard two cards of the same suit and select any other character in her attacking range. This character flips their character card. For the rest of her turn, Wang Yuan Ji cannot attack another character.

Virtue 淑德
At the end of her turn, Wang Yuan Ji draws cards until the number of card in her hand is equal to her maximum health limit.
  • "Snuff Rebellion" is almost the same as the original version of Wang Yuan Ji.  The only difference is that this one only needs to discard two cards instead of three.  
  • Wang Yuan Ji can attack a character before she uses "Snuff Rebellion." 
  • After Wang Yuan Ji uses "Snuff Rebellion," she can use an Attack in a Duel during her turn.
  • "Virtue" occurs after Wang Yuan Ji's discard phase.