New Wang Yi
New Wang Yi 王異
Commanding Heroine 快意的巾帼

Chastity 贞烈
Whenever New Wang Yi is targeted by an Attack or non-delay tool card, she can choose to suffer one unit of negligence damage. This card has no effect on her and she chooses one of the cards owned by the character that played the card and discards it. 

Secret Plan 秘计
At the end of her turn, New Wang Yi can draw up to X cards. Then, she must give X hand cards to other players. X can be any number of New Wang Yi's choosing so long as it is no greater than the difference between New Wang Yi's current and maximum health levels.
  • When New Wang Yi activates "Chastity," she can discard a hand card or an equipped card from the target. She cannot discard pending delay tool cards however. 
  • If New Wang Yi is brought to the brink of death when activating "Chasity," she cannot discard a card from the target until she is revived from the brink of death.
  • "Secret Plan" can only be activated after New Wang Yi's discard phase.
  • When New Wang Yi activates "Secret Plan," she must give X hand cards to other players. However, she does not necessarily need to give away the cards that she drew (she can give away cards that were already in her hand before she activated the ability). She can also distribute these cards in any way she pleases (giving all cards to any one person or giving multiple players one card each). 
  • Note that New Wang Yi cannot give away equipped cards when activating "Secret Plan." All of the cards that she gives away must come from her hand.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Much like the original Wang Yi's abilities, "Secret Plan" and "Chasity" work very well together. Wang Yi can use "Chasity" to decrease her current health level and discard an enemy's card. When she is not at her maximum health level, she can activate "Secret Plan."
  • "Chasity" is strong against characters like Lu Bu, Ma Chao, Xu Sheng, and Ma Dai who have abilities that make their Attacks more difficult to evade or abilities that make their Attacks more dangerous when they land, as she can suffer negligence damage to mitigate the usefulness of these abilities and discard one of their cards.
  • "Chasity" is useful in preventing opponents from removing New Wang Yi's equipment by using Breaks and Steals. It is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the Wood Armor as New Wang Yi can activate "Chasity" to prevent Fire Attacks and Blazes from affecting her.
  • New Wang Yi's "Secret Plan" is more dependable than the original's version of the ability, as it no longer requires a judgement card.
  • The new version of "Secret Plan" allows New Wang Yi more flexibility when distributing cards. She can give her allies the exact cards they need to activate their abilities or simply survive until their next turn. 
  • Much like the original Wang Yi, when New Wang Yi is at full health, she has nothing that she can offer her team. Experienced players will avoid damaging her if she is at full health.
  • "Chasity" is a very useful ability, but it requires New Wang Yi to suffer negligence damage frequently. Overuse or misuse of this ability can be shorten her lifespan. 
  • "Chasity" offers Wang Yi no recourse against characters with abilities that allow them to deal direct damage to her.
  • While this new version of "Secret Plan" is more dependable than the original version, its potential draw power is considerably lower as it can only be activated at the end of Wang Yi's turn instead of being able to be activated at both the beginning and end.
  • Unlike the original Wang Yi, New Wang Yi needs a team in order to be effective and cannot operate very well in environments without teams or one-on-one games. Much of this weakness stems from the fact that she must give away as many hand cards as she draws to other characters when she activates "Secret Plan."

Notable Combinations:
  • Wu Guo Tai/Hua Tuo/Cheng Pu - These characters have abilities that will help keep New Wang Yi alive at low health to maximize the effectiveness of "Secret Plan."
  • Zhang Jiao/Dian Wei/Xun Yu - These are examples of characters who have abilities that allow them to deal direct damage to their opponents. Their abilities bypass New Wang Yi's "Chasity."
 KingAlthough it may seem counter-intuitive at first, New Wang Yi is probably best as the king, especially if there are more five or more players. The additional unit of health makes "Secret Plan" much more effective. Additionally, aggressive rebels will probably target her with Attacks and tool cards, giving her opportunities to activate "Chasity" to force them to discard cards and become more vulnerable. 
 LoyalistNew Wang Yi is a mediocre loyalist. She does not work particularly well with any of the default king choices (unlike the original version) and "Chasity" will deter rebels from targeting her with Attacks and tool cards, forcing them to instead target the king with these cards. 
 RebelNew Wang Yi is a serviceable rebel. The three-card bounty on her thread will make novice players eager to target her with their Attacks and tool cards, allowing her to activate "Chasity" and "Secret Plan" afterwards. "Chasity" is useful to New Wang Yi as a rebel since she can 'kill' herself with it instead of allowing a player to draw three cards for killing her. More experienced players may see through this tactic.
 SpyNew Wang Yi is a poor spy choice due to her aforementioned inability to hold her own in non-team situations.

Final Remarks:
While New Wang Yi is better than we originally thought, we still greatly prefer the original version. On one hand, we appreciate the fact that "Chastity" gives New Wang Yi leverage over Ma Chao (it does not matter if his Attack against her is inescapable if she chooses to suffer negligence damage to discard one of his cards and render it useless), but her abilities are just so much weaker than those of the original Wang Yi. We understand the reason for the change - the original Wang Yi burned through cards like no other character in the game with her abilities. She flips up to two judgement cards at the beginning and end of her turn and draws/gives away up to two cards (three if she is king), meaning she goes through up to ten (twelve if she is king) each turn. Even though this can be a bit of a hassle if you are playing with physical cards, the end result is much more interesting than this version. When using New Wang Yi, always activate "Chasity" if an opponent is targeting you with a card that you already know will damage you. In many cases it is also better to use "Chasity" to prevent the loss of equipment even though it causes her to suffer negligence damage.

Alternate Appearances:
Wang Yi 4