Wang Yi
Wang Yi 王異
Commanding Heroine 快意的巾帼

Chastity 贞烈
Whenever Wang Yi flips a judgement card, she can choose to flip a second judgment card. The second flipped card is the judgement that goes into effect.

Secret Plan 秘计
At the beginning and ending of her turn, if she is not at full health, Wang Yi can flip a judgement card. If it is black, she draws X cards from the deck, X being the difference between her current and maximum health. Wang Yi then gives these to any character.
  • "Chasity" can be used whenever Wang Yi flips a judgement card. This includes judgement cards flipped from delay tool cards like Capture and Starvation, judgement cards flipped for character abilities such as Zhang Jiao's "Lightning Strike," and her own character ability "Secret Plan."
  • When Wang Yi activates "Secret Plan" she must give all of the cards that she draws to one character. She cannot distribute the cards to multiple people. 
  • Wang Yi can choose herself as the recipient when she activates "Secret Plan."
  • "Chasity" is a judgement tinkering ability like Sima Yi's "Devil" and Zhang Jiao's "Dark Magic." When Wang Yi is in a game with these characters, the order of judgement tinkering is determined by the seating arrangement. When a judgement card is flipped, start with the character who is currently taking their turn then move to the right to find the first judgement tinkerer, then continue right after the first tinkerer changes the judgement to find the second tinkerer, then repeat this process until all judgement tinkerers have had an opportunity to change the flipped judgement card. Because "Chasity" only works on Wang Yi's judgement cards, this ability does not add very much to the complexity of judgement tinkering. Since "Secret Plan" is activated during Wang Yi's turn, "Chasity" goes into effect before Sima Yi's "Devil" or Zhang Jiao's "Dark Magic." In effect, Wang Yi decides if she wants to flip a second judgement card, then Sima Yi and Zhang Jiao can tinker with the judgement card. 
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • "Secret Plan" and "Chasity" work very well together. Wang Yi has a 75% chance of drawing a black-suited judgement card when she activates these two abilities together. This gives her an increased draw power and she can use the cards she gets in this way to help teammates as well.
  • "Chasity" is helpful against delay tool cards. Capture and Starvation only have a 56.25% chance of working on Wang Yi, while they have a 75% chance of working on other characters. Additionally, this power works well with Lightning since there would have to be two cards in a row that are a 2-9 of spades in order for it to strike Wang Yi (without tinkering from other judgement-related abilities).
  • "Chasity" works extremely well with the Eight Trigrams armor. As a result of her ability, Wang Yi has a 75% chance of getting an Escape with this armor.
  • When Wang Yi is at full health, she has nothing that she can offer her team. Experienced players will avoid damaging her if she is at full health.
  • Wang Yi's abilities are very powerful, but they usually do not offer her much of advantage outside of her turn. As a result, she can be fragile if the opposing team unites to kill her before her next turn. If Wang Yi ends her turn with one unit of health and fails both judgement flips for "Secret Plan," she will be open to assaults from the opposing team. 

Notable Combinations:
  • Cao Pi (as king) - Cao Pi's "Exalt" allows characters aligned with Wei to allow him to draw a card when they flip a black-suited judgement card. Between "Chasity" and "Secret Plan," Wang Yi not only has a good chance of being able to draw cards via these abilities, but she also has a good chance of allowing Cao Pi draw additional cards via "Exalt." Wang Yi is a powerful loyalist to Cao Pi.
  • Zhang Jiao - Wang Yi's "Secret Plan" requires a black-suited judgement card to pass. If she somehow fails to get a black-suited judgement card after two tries, Zhang Jiao can force the judgement to pass via "Dark Magic." Also, some of the judgement cards flipped via "Secret Plan" may be useful for Zhang Jiao, such as Lightning and Escape. 
  • Wu Guo Tai/Hua Tuo - These characters have abilities that will help keep Wang Yi alive at low health to maximize the effectiveness of "Secret Plan."
  • Sima Yi - Like Zhang Jiao, Sima Yi can help Wang Yi pass "Secret Plan." However, he poses a threat to her if he is on the opposite team because unlike Zhang Jiao, he can force the flipped judgement to be a red-suited card. Because the order of judgement tinkering is based on whose turn it is when the judgement is flipped, "Chasity" goes into effect before Sima Yi's "Devil," meaning that Sima will have the final say in her flipped judgement for "Secret Plan." While Sima Yi can be a thorn in Wang Yi's side, the process of making all of her judgement flips fail is very taxing for Sima Yi. 
  • Cao Zhi - Cao Zhi's "Fallen Bloom" allows him to collect club-suited judgement cards flipped into the discard pile. This can be useful is Wang Yi is on his team, as he is more likely to get club-suited judgement cards from her than almost any other character. However, if he is on the opposite team as Wang Yi, she may inadvertently benefit him via "Secret Plan." Her only recourse to prevent this from happening is to use "Chasity" to flip another judgement card, but this may cause the power to fail entirely.
  • Ma Dai - Ma Dai's "Sneak Attack" can be used to lower Wang Yi's maximum health level and greatly reduce the effectiveness of "Secret Plan." If he manages to reduce her maximum health limit to one, then she will not be able to use this ability for the remainder of the game, since she will never be lower than her maximum health limit.
 KingWang Yi is an outstanding king choice. She greatly benefits from the additional unit of health when activating "Secret Plan." This power can be used to greatly benefit Wang Yi and her loyalists. Because she has a higher maximum health level, she will draw more cards via "Secret Plan."
 LoyalistWang Yi is a good loyalist for most kings and an outstanding one for Cao Pi and Zhang Jiao. Her abilities allow her to give the king additional cards outside of their turns.
 RebelWang Yi is a good rebel. She works very well in team situations. Since there is a three card bounty on her head, Wang Yi's enemies will have to damage her to win the game. This damage is a precursor to activating "Secret Plan."
 SpyThe spy role is probably Wang Yi's weakest role, but she is a competent spy. Her powers can be used to keep both teams even. If it is unclear how to keep the two sides on par with each other, Wang Yi can always keep the additional cards for herself.

Final Remarks:
Wang Yi is one of the standout characters of the second fan-made expansion. She seems to be very reminiscent of Guo Jia, as she has an ability related to her judgement flips and she has an ability that activates when she is not at full health. She works well in both team and one-on-one situations. While Wang Yi needs to be damaged for "Secret Plan" to work, one should not overestimate their vitality when using her. She seems best when she has two units of health remaining, as she is able to activate "Secret Plan," but she has a little bit of a 'buffer' to keep her alive until his next turn.