Sima Yi
Sima Yi 司马懿
Ever Watchful Wolf 狼顾之鬼

Feedback 反馈
When a player damages Sima Yi, he can choose to take one of their cards and place it in his hand.

Devil 鬼才
After a judgement card is flipped, Sima Yi can discard one of his hand cards. The hand card that Sima Yi discard then becomes the new judgement card. 
  • When Sima Yi is damaged, he can take either a single hand card or an equipped card from the source that hurt him.  
  • Note that "Feedback" is activated on a 'per-instance' basis. Sima Yi can only take one card if he receives multiple units of damage in one instance (such as when he receives damage from an Attack with Wine).
  • When multiple judgment tinkerers are in play, the order of the tinkering is determined by the seating arrangement. When a judgement card is flipped, start with the character who is currently taking their turn and move to the right until you reach the first judgement tinkerer. This character can choose to activate their ability to change the judgement card. Then, proceed to the right until you reach the next judgement tinkerer. This process continues until the character to the immediate left of the character taking their turn is reached.
  •  If Sima Yi is on the brink of death, he cannot take a hand card from the player who hurt him in hopes of getting a Peach or Wine to save himself.  Powers are suspended when a character is on the brink of death, so Sima Yi cannot take a card until after he is revived.
  • Sima Yi cannot acquire a pending judgement card through "Feedback."
Strengths  Weaknesses 
  • Sima Yi's "Feedback" can be a powerful deterrent for other players to damage him. Characters with useful equipment or Peaches in their hand may be reluctant to do anything that would damage Sima Yi if they are scared that Sima Yi would activate "Feedback" to take these cards. 
  • "Devil" gives Sima Yi a large amount of control of judgement cards. Zhang Jiao can only switch judgment cards that are of a black suit. As a result, if Zhang Jiao is the victim of Capture, he cannot switch the judgment card with a heart and pass the tool card. Sima Yi does not have this problem. 
  • If Sima has the Eight Trigrams armor equipped, he can effectively use any red-suited hand card as an Escape. If the judgment comes up as a black-suited card, Sima can change it to any red card in his hand via "Devil."
  • Sima Yi is insanely powerful when Lightning is in play. If he has a spade card in his hand that has a number of 2 through 9, he can force the Lightning to strike anyone he wants! In addition, he can protect anybody that he would like, assuming that he as a hand card that is not a 2-9 of spades. 
  • As with all other characters with three units of health, Sima Yi is fragile. His first power is a good deterrent, but if your enemies really want you to die, they will gladly accept the consequences of hurting you.
  • As stated in the 'Clarification' section, one way to get around Sima's power is to do more than one unit of damage in a particular instance, such as attacking him with Wine. Strategies that involve doing more than one unit of damage in one occasion reduce the viability of "Feedback" and significantly reduce his long-term chances of survival, as he can only take one card.
  • Although Sima Yi can change the judgment card to any suit, he does not have the other judgment abilities that Zhang Jiao has. Zhange Jiao can pick up the original judgment card and he can swap out equipped cards. Sima Yi always suffers a net loss of cards when he activates "Devil." 
  • As stated previously, the order of turns determines who has the 'final say' in judgment. This is not a weakness per-say, but if Sima Yi has fewer people to his immediate right than Zhang Jiao does, he can be at a disadvantage if the two are not on the same team.

Notable Combinations:
  •  Zhang Jiao - With all of the comparisons that were made between the two earlier on this page, you might be under the impression that the two are mortal enemies. This is not always the case. They can be a very powerful team! When Zhang Jiao forces someone to flip a judgment card, Sima Yi can provide a spade card if Zhang Jiao does not have one.  Even better, if Zhang Jiao has the Eight Trigrams, Sima can guarantee the armor to give him an Escape. Finally, depending on the order of the turns, Sima can "give" cards to Zhange Jiao. For example, if Zhang Jiao forces someone to flip a judgment card, Sima can make this judgment another Escape. Zhang Jiao can then swap out the judgement with any black card and put the Escape in his hand. The pair also can also cause each other problems if not on the same team. Sima Yi is at the greatest advantage when he is at Zhang Jiao's immediate right, Zhang Jiao swaps the judgment card before Sima does. This allows Sima to have the final say, and he can effectively protect his allies from Zhang Jiao. However, if Zhang Jiao is to Sima's immediate right, Sima has very little power in changing judgment. Neither of these characters have the 'final say' on judgement cards flipped during their own turns. If Sima Yi flips a judgement card for Lightning, Zhang Jiao will activate his tinkering power last and will essentially have the 'final say' in the judgement. The matchup between these two characters depends on the seating arrangement. If Zhang Jiao is the ruler and you are a rebel, keep this in mind if Sima Yi is one of your choices.
  • Zhen Ji - Zhen Ji's "River Goddess" relies upon a series of judgments. If a red card shows up in this ability, Sima Yi can come to the rescue and replace it with a black card via "Devil." The red card is discarded, and Sima Yi's black card goes into Zhen Ji's hand. She then continues with her power. Sima Yi can continue to do this as often as he likes.
  • Da Qiao - Da Qiao's "Country Scene" lets her use Capture on as many people as she wants. If Sima is on her team, he can be sure that her victims fail their Capture judgment.  If they are not as friendly, Sima can protect all of his team from falling victim to her.
  • Zhang Chun Hua - Zhang Chun Hua's "Unfeeling" causes problems for Sima, as she is not considered the source of damage when she hurts him. This protects her from Sima stealing her cards with "Feedback".
  • Multiple Damage Dealers (e.g. Xu Chu) - These characters can do two units of damage easily, exploiting Sima's 'per instance' stealing ability. 
 King  Sima Yi is an average king choice, so there are usually better choices. Sima Yi is quite fragile. If there are multiple rebels, they can more effectively share the burden of Sima Yi's "Feedback." 
Sima Yi can be a decent loyalist. When the ruler is the victim of a time-delay tool card, he can help them pass the judgement via "Devil." However, he may become a target of rebels because he is so fragile. 
 Rebel Although Sima Yi can be a great friend of the ruler, he can also be a powerful enemy. This is especially true when Lightning is in play. Few characters can deal three units of the damage to the ruler as effortlessly as Sima Yi! 
 Spy Sima Yi can be a very good spy. The fact that he is non-partial works in his advantage as the king and loyalists are more concerned with killing the rebels. If they hurt Sima Yi, he can take a card via "Feedback" and leave them more vulnerable. The rebels would have a similar relationship. They are not thrilled that he wants to keep the ruler alive, but their assaults are better saved for the ruler and loyalists. If you play your cards right, you can slip by unharmed. Also, if you feign loyalty, you may be able to convince the ruler or loyalists to play Lightning. You can use this card to weaken their team if they become to powerful in their fight with the rebels by striking a loyalist. 

Final Remarks:
Sima Yi is very strategic character, especially when Zhang Jiao is in play. Remind your enemies of the price of hurting you. Remember that if you are low on health, it may be safer to take a hand card than an equipped card. You might get an Escape or Peach that could keep you alive. A piece of equipment will not do you any good if you are dead. If Zhang Jiao is in play as an enemy, buckle down and play very carefully. Kill him as quickly and carefully as possible to prevent his interference in judgement tinkering.

Alternate Appearances:
Sima Yi 5