Li Dian 7
Li Dian 李典
Understanding and Righteous 深明大义

Sincerity 恂恂
Li Dian can not draw and look at the top four cards of the deck.  He then chooses two of them and puts them into his hand.  The other two he puts on the bottom of the deck in any order.  

Lost Opportunity 忘隙
When Li Dian is damaged by a player or causes damage to a player, he can draw a card and the other player will also draw a card for each unit of damage.  
  • "Sincerity" works similar to Zhuge Liang's "Astrology".  Only Li Dian gets to see the cards, and he can rearrange them.  The difference is that Li Dian cannot put extras on the top of the deck, only the bottom.  
  • "Lost Opportunity" works if Li Dian gets damaged or causes the damage.  In both cases the other player that would draw is the person that caused the damage or received the damage.  
  • If multiple units of damage were caused, Li Dian can use "Lost Opportunity" multiple times.  Both he and the other person will draw multiple cards.  
  • Li Dian cannot use "Lost Opportunity" if the damage does not come from a person.