Han Hao & Shi Huan
Han Hao & Shi Huan 韩浩&史渙
King's Main Army 中军之主

Reckless Abandon 慎断
Whenever Han Hao & Shi Huan discard a black basic card, they can put it on any player as a starvation.  

Bold Strategy 勇略
Before another player within Han Hao & Shi Huan's attacking range does a judgment for a pending card, they can discard that card.  This counts as them attacking the player doing the judgment.  If the target does not get hurt, Han Hao & Shi Huan draw a card.  
  • "Reckless Abandon" can be used whenever Han Hao & Shi Huan discard a card.  This can be from their hand at the end of their turn or at any other point.  If another player targets them with a Break, they can put the broken card on someone.  This is even if a piece of equipment that is broken.
  • Han Hao & Shi Huan can use "Bold Strategy" on any pending card, not only the ones from "Reckless Abandon".  
  • When Han Hao & Shi Huanuse "Bold Strategy", the target does not end up doing a judgment.  The card is discarded without taking any effect.