Guo Jia 16
Guo Jia 郭嘉
Prophet with an Early End 早终的先知

Heaven's Envy 天妒
Whenever Guo Jia flips a judgement card, he places into his hand before it takes effect.

Bestowed Rouse 遣计
For every unit of damage that Guo Jia recieves, he can draw two cards and choose up to two players and put any hand cards on their general cards face down.  They draw these cards during their next drawing phase.  
  • "Heaven's Envy" is the same power as the original Guo Jia.
  • If Guo Jia gives any cards to other people, the cards remain face down on their general cards.  They are immune to Breaks and Steals while they are there.  
  • Guo Jia is not limited to giving away only the cards that he drew.  He can give any of his hand cards away and any number of them.
  • Guo Jia's "Bestowed Rouse" is activated on a 'per-damage' basis. For example, if Guo Jia receives two units of damage in one instance, he draws two sets of two cards. Guo Jia must decide how to distribute the first pair of cards before he draws the second pair.
  • When Guo Jia activates "Bestowed Rouse," he can choose to keep the cards that he draws for himself.
  • If Guo Jia is brought to the brink of death, he must be revived before he can draw cards from "Bestowed Rouse."
  • When Guo Jia's judgment is altered by Sima Yi's "Devil" or Zhang Jiao's "Dark Magic," Guo Jia keeps the final judgment that takes effect, not the original one that was flipped from the deck.
  • Guo Jia picks up the judgement before the judgement goes into effect. If the judgement kills leads to his death (such as when Guo Jia his struck by Lightning and the judgement card is the nine of spades Wine), he will get the chance to use that card in an attempt to save himself.