Guo Jia
Guo Jia 郭嘉
Prophet with an Early End 早终的先知

Heaven's Envy 天妒
Whenever Guo Jia flips a judgement card, he places into his hand before it takes effect.

Bestowed Rouse 遣计
For each unit of damage that Guo Jia receives, he draws two cards. He can then distribute these cards in any way that he sees fit among the characters in play.
  • Note that Guo Jia's "Bestowed Rouse" is activated on a 'per-damage' basis. For example, if Guo Jia receives two units of damage in one instance, he draws two sets of two cards. Guo Jia must decide how to distribute the first pair of cards before he draws the second pair.
  • When Guo Jia activates "Bestowed Rouse," he can choose to keep the cards that he draws for himself.
  • If Guo Jia is brought to the brink of death, he must be revived before he can draw cards from "Bestowed Rouse."
  • When Guo Jia's judgment is altered by Sima Yi's "Devil" or Zhang Jiao's "Dark Magic," Guo Jia keeps the final judgment that takes effect, not the original one that was flipped from the deck.
  • Guo Jia picks up the judgement before the judgement goes into effect. If the judgement kills leads to his death (such as when Guo Jia his struck by Lightning and the judgement card is the nine of spades Wine), he will get the chance to use that card in an attempt to save himself.

Strengths Weaknesses 
  • Guo Jia's "Bestowed Rouse" is arguably one of the best abilities in the game. It benefits him and his team. Many people make the mistake of trying to kill him quickly. As they damage him, Guo Jia draws more and more cards. He has a chance of getting a Peach or Wine, which will save him from the next hit and allow him to draw even more cards.
  • Guo Jia's "Heaven's Envy" makes him incredibly powerful when he has the Eight Trigrams. If he is attacked and the judgement card is red, he will draw a card.  If the judgement card is black, he still gets a card and might get hurt to draw two more via "Bestowed Rouse." Losing one unit of health to draw three cards is a very good deal for Guo Jia and his team.
  • Guo Jia's "Heaven's Envy" is very helpful against delay tool cards. Pass or fail, Guo Jia still acquires a hand card.
  • Guo Jia is a great team player. He can give cards to friends even during their turn if he is damaged.
  • Guo Jia's "Bestowed Rouse" activates for each unit of damage that Guo Jia. He does not lose out if he takes more than one damage at a time.
  • Guo Jia is a very high-profile character. He is incredibly powerful, and members of the opposing team will probably work hard to undermine you.
  • Although Guo Jia can be hard to kill as a result of his "Bestowed Rouse", he is not invincible. If he has bad luck with his draws, he will not be able to save himself.
  • Guo Jia is particularly vulnerable to Capture. If he is damaged multiple times between turns, keeps the cards that he gained from "Bestowed Rouse," and is a victim of Capture, his action phase is skipped and he proceeds to his discard phase after his drawing phase. The end result of all of this is that Guo Jia must discard all of the extra cards that he drew from "Bestowed Rouse" and his action phase. 

Notable Relationships:
  • Card Specialists (e.g. Huang Yue Ying) - Guo Jia can help any character when he is damaged by giving them exactly what they need to work with their abilities. This will give his team more options and more power by feeding into their strengths.
  • Hua Tuo - Guo Jia can be very hard to kill if he is paired with Hua Tuo. When he is damaged, he can use "Bestowed Rouse" to give Hua Tuo red cards that can be used in "First Aid." When Guo Jia is damaged again, will draw more cards and repeat this process.
  • Cao Cao (as king) - Gou Jia is a great loyalist for any ruler, but he can be particularly helpful with Cao Cao. If Guo Jia has the Eight Trigrams armor, he can protect Cao Cao with it and Guo Jia gets to keep the judgment.
  • Xiao Qiao - When Xiao Qiao passes damage to Guo Jia via "Fantasy," he draws X cards in addition to cards from "Bestowed Rouse." This strategy can produce many cards for a small amount of damage. 
  • Da Qiao - Da Qiao can be used to combat Guo Jia by using "Country Scene" to easily Capture Guo Jia. As explained in the 'Weaknesses' section, this is a very effective way to cripple Guo Jia.
  • Zhang Chun Hua - Zhang Chun Hua's "Unfeeling" prevents Guo Jia from activating "Bestowed Rouse." Guo Jia does not draw cards from losing health and cripples Guo Jia significantly.
Role Anaylsis:
 KingAlthough Guo Jia is not a standard ruler choice, he is a good ruler. As stated earlier, his "Bestowed Rouse" allows him to draw two cards for each unit of damage he receives. 
Guo Jia is a very good loyalist. The ruler can use Barbarians or Raining Arrows and if Guo Jia is hit, he can give the ruler additional cards to use during their turn.  
 RebelGuo Jia is also a very good rebel. The King and Loyalists will hurt Guo Jia and activate "Bestowed Rouse," adding to the cards of his team.
 SpyGuo Jia is also a good spy. Guo Jia can keep the two sides balanced when he is damaged. If Guo Jia is unsure of how he can keep the two sides balanced, he can always keep the two cards that he drew via "Bestowed Rouse" for himself. 
Final Remarks:
Guo Jia is a wonderful character. He is arguably one of the best characters in the base set of generals, and his usability does not significantly decline as more and more expansions are added to the game. Guo Jia is great in team situations and also very competent in a one-on-one battle. When using him, keep careful track of the abilities of your teammates. When activating "Bestowed Rouse," give them cards that they can use to activate their powers. Be weary of the possibility of being the victim of Capture. Do not get too overconfident with "Bestowed Rouse." 

Alternate Appearances: 
Guo Jia 4
Guo Jia 3