Gui Huai
Guo Huai 郭淮
Seeking Harmony 垂问秦雍

Refined Strategy 精策
At the beginning of his drawing phase, Guo Huai draws two cards if he has used at least X cards during his turn, X being his health level at the beginning of his discard phase.

  • When determining if "Refined Strategy" goes into effect, all cards played by Guo Huai are considered. This includes basic cards, any tool cards, and equipment. 
  • "Refined Strategy" goes into effect at the beginning of Guo Huai's discard phase. He must then discard the proper number of cards afterwards.
  • If Guo Huai uses a Peach during his turn, it will increase his health level and therefore increase the number of cards that Guo Huai needs to play to activate "Refined Strategy" at the beginning of his discard phase.
  • Discarded cards do not count towards the card number needed to activate "Refined Strategy." The cards include a discarded card to cause damage via Blaze and exchanged Chains cards.
First Impressions:
Guo Huai's "Refined Strategy" is not as 'refined' as we would like it to be. At lower health levels, it is easy to use enough cards to activate this ability, but Guo Huai will likely have to discard these cards since his health level determines the number of cards he can keep in his hand. On the other hand, when Guo Huai has many units of health, he will likely be able to hold the additional cards at the end of his discard phase, but it is more difficult for Guo Huai to use enough cards during his turn to activate this ability. Although Guo Huai is one of the weakest characters in this expansion, we do appreciate that he seems to be designed to encourage the player to use as many cards as possible during their turn. This makes him a fun character to use, even if he is not the most effective.