Deng Shi Zai
Deng Shi Zai 邓士载

Power Struggle 争功
If Deng Shi Zai's character card is face up at the beginning of another player's turn, he can flip his character card to immediately take his turn. After his turn finishes, the player whose turn that Deng Shi Zai interrupted then takes their turn.

Sneak 偷渡
When Deng Shi Zai is damaged with his character card flipped face down, he can discard a hand card, flip his character card face up, then attack anybody in his attack range.
  • When Deng Shi Zai uses "Sneak", he can then use "Power Struggle" to flip his character card back over.  
  • When Deng Shi Zai uses "Sneak", he does not need to play an Attack to attack a player.