Deng Ai 3
Deng Ai 邓艾

Troop Quartering 屯田
 During his discard phase, Deng Ai can put his discarded cards in front of him.  He can have at most one of each suit.  He can use these cards at any time.  

Resourcefulness 多谋
 When Deng Ai has cards in front of him, he has the following choices.
1- Before any player does a judgment, he can discard a card from in front of him.  If he discards a red card, that player skips their judgment.  If he discards a black card, that player must perform two judgments.  
2- During his turn, he can give all four cards in front of him to one player.  That player then flips their card.
  •  Deng Ai must give all four cards into one player.  If he doesn't have all four, he can't do it.