Deng Ai
Deng Ai 邓艾
Warrior Gaining Strength 矫然的壮士

Military Farm 屯田
Whenever Deng Ai loses cards outside his turn, he can flip a judgement. If it is not a heart, it becomes a Farm and he acquires it. Each Farm that Deng Ai has gives him the a -1 horse.

Strategic Pass 凿险
Awakened Ability: When Deng Ai starts his turn with three or more Farms, he must decrease his maximum health level by one. He then permanently gains the ability use his Farms as steals.
  • Note that "Military Farm" is activates on a 'per-instance' basis. For example, if Lu Su forces Deng Ai to swap hands with another character, he can only activate "Military Farm" once.
  • "Military Farm" is activated whenever Deng Ai uses or loses cards outside of his turn. This includes when he must discard cards via other character abilities, when his cards are the target of Steal or Break, and when he uses cards to respond to tool cards and other character abilities, such as when he plays an Attack to respond to Barbarians.
  • The -1 bonus that Deng Ai gets from each Farm is the equivalent to the -1 bonus that he would get from having a -1 Horse.
  • Note that while "Strategic Pass" is an awakened ability that Deng Ai cannot choose not to activate when the conditions are met, "Military Farm" is an optional ability and he can choose not to activate it when he loses cards.
  • When Deng Ai is uses his Farms as Steals after activating "Strategic Pass," he loses the -1 bonus granted by the Farm when he uses it as a steal. For example, consider a hypothetical situation in which Deng Ai has one Farm and he wants to steal a card from a neighbor who has a +1 horse. He would not be able to use that Farm as a Steal because this would remove the -1 bonus that he needs to reach this character. In QSanGuoSha, there is an error in the programming that would allow him to do this, but when using him outside of this unofficial program, he cannot do this.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • When Deng Ai activates "Strategic Pass," he becomes very powerful. He can use his three or more Farms as Steals and bankrupt one of his enemies and possibly finish them during his turn.
  • Deng Ai is particularly powerful with the Crossbow and the Scimitar after "Strategic Pass" has been activated. When using his Farms as Steals, he can gain Attacks for the Crossbow and he can Steal all of another character's hand to make the Scimitar more powerful. 
  • If Deng Ai keeps card in his hand at the end of his turn that he can easily lose outside of his turn, he can activate "Military Farm" more easily. These cards include Escapes, Attacks, and Negates. Additionally, Deng Ai is particularly strong against card destruction techniques.
  • Deng Ai's "Military Farm" is also useful as a deterrent. If you do not have cards that can be discarded outside of your turn, you can still bluff enemies into thinking that you do. Enemies may be reluctant to Attack you if they think you have an Escape in the chance that you may acquire a Farm when using it.
  • Deng Ai is very powerful, and this makes him a high-profile character. While this can be helpful when trying to activate "Military Farm," this can also severely reduce his chances of surviving if he has few basic cards and Negates
  • Deng Ai must end his turn with cards that he can lose outside of his turn if he wants to activate "Military Farm." This may make him less productive during his turn than other characters.
  • Experienced players will leave Deng Ai alone and make it much harder for hims to activate "Military Farm." Without being able to activate this ability, Deng Ai is weak.

Notable Combinations:
  • Cao Cao and Cao Pi (as kings) - These king choices have abilities that work well with Deng Ai. Cao Cao's "Escort" allows Deng Ai to use an Escape for him. This give Deng Ai more opportunities to use "Military Farm." When Deng Ai activates "Military Farm" and flips a black-suited judgement when Cao Pi is king, he can allow him to draw a card via "Exalt."
  • Sun Jian/Sun Ce/Fa Zheng - These characters can allow other characters to gain and lose cards during their turn. If they activate their abilities on Deng Ai, he will gain and lose cards, giving him the possibility to acquire Farms.
  • Wu Guo Tai/Lu Su - These characters have abilities that can force characters to swap hand cards or equipment. While Deng Ai can only flip one judgement card for each instance in which they activate this ability on them, these characters are still useful teammates.
  • Zhang Jiao - "Military Farm" requires Deng Ai to flip a judgement card. If Zhang Jiao is on his team, these two can benefit from each other. Zhang Jiao can swap out less useful black-suited cards in his hand to influence the judgement via "Dark Magic" and he can also use this ability to make the judgement flip pass if it is initially a heart.
  • Sima Yi  - Sima Yi can either be a helpful ally or be a throne in Deng Ai's side. "Devil" allows Sima Yi to influence judgement cards. He can help Deng Ai if the flipped judgement card for "Military Card" is a heart and he changes it to any other card, but he can also force the judgement cards flipped to be hearts, causing the judgement to fail.
  • Zhuge Liang/Jiang Wei - These characters have "Astrology" which allows them to rearrange the top X cards of the deck. They can ensure that Deng Ai's flipped judgement card for "Military Farm" is a heart and force the ability to fail.
  • Lu Xun/Jia Xu - These characters are counter picks to Deng Ai. Lu Xun cannot be targeted by Steal as per "Humility," making Deng Ai's Farms useless against him. Jia Xu cannot be targeted by black-suited tool card as per "Curtain." Note that the suit of Deng Ai's Farms can only be a spade, club, or diamond, as Deng Ai cannot keep heart-suited farms. Deng Ai cannot target Jia Xu with black-suited Farms, leaving only diamond Farms being effective on him.
  • Younger Zhuge Liang - Zhuge Liang's "Fire Rosue" allows him to use red-suited cards as Blaze. This allows him to try to damage Deng Ai without the risk of activating "Military Farm." 
  • Xun Yu/Dian Wei/Zhou Yu/Ling Tong - These characters have abilities that can deal damage that cannot be avoided by discarding cards. They can uses these abilities to damage Deng Ai without the risk of activating "Military Farm." 
  • Ma Chao/Huang Zhong - These characters have abilities that can make their Attacks inescapable. This allows them to damage Deng Ai without the risk of activating "Military Farm."
 KingDeng Ai can be a very good king if the rebels are aggressive against him. As the center of the game, Deng Ai is likely to get a lot of attention from the rebels, giving him more opportunities to activate "Military Farm." Also, the loyalists can pick characters that can help him lose cards outside of his turn. However, there is the risk of the rebels choosing counter picks to Deng Ai.
 LoyalistDeng Ai can be a good loyalist, assuming that he can lose the cards necessary to activate "Strategic Pass." He can quickly kill a weak rebel once he activates this ability.
 RebelDeng Ai is a good rebel. He can bankrupt the king or a loyalist and use the opportunity to deal a lot of damage to them.
 SpyDeng Ai is a good spy pick. He can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time, allowing him to turn the tide of the battle if once side gets an advantage.

Final Remarks:
Deng Ai is an extremely powerful character, possibly an overpowered one. When using him, try to activate "Strategic Pass" as quickly as possible to decimate your enemies. It is critical to keep cards that you can dispose of outside of your turn to activate "Military Farm." If Deng Ai is not on your team, try to ignore him and focus your efforts on the other members of his team, especially if he is a loyalist or a spy.

Alternate Appearances:
Deng Ai 8