Chen Qun
Chen Qun 陳群
Minister of all Ages 万世臣表

Production 定品
When Chen Qun damages another player, he can discard any card that is different that the one used to cause damage.  The damaged player then does a judgment.  If it is black, they draw X cards, where X is the amount of damage they received and this player cannot be targeted by Production again this turn.  If the judgment is red, Chen Qun flips his general card.  

Justice and Mercy 法恩
When any player flips their general card or goes into chains, Chen Qun can let that player draw one.  
  • When Chen Qun damages a player with a card and uses "Production", he must discard a card that is different than the one he used to cause the damage.  The only restriction is that the card must have a different title.  If he used an Attack, he can then discard any card except another Attack.  
  • If Chen Qun causes damage without using a card, he can then use "Production" by discarding any card .  
  • Chen Qun can use "Justice and Mercy" whenever any player is flipped or flipped back, but he only gets to draw when someone enters the chains.  If a player is removed from the chains, Chen Qun does not get to draw.