Cao Zhen 3
Cao Zhen 曹真
Heavenly Guardian of the Country 荷国天督

Enemy Foresight 司敵
Whenever Cao Zhen uses an escape or any other player uses an escape during Cao Zhen's turn, he puts the top card of the deck on his general card.  At the beginning of any other players action phase, Cao Zhen can discard one of these cards to reduce the number of attacks that the current player can use by one.  
  • The cards that Cao Zhen puts on his general card cannot be targeted by Breaks or Steals.  
  • Cao Zhen gets a card from "Enemy Forsight" whenever he uses an Escape or if any other player uses an Escape during his turn.  If other players use more than one Escape during his turn, he gets a card for each one.
  • If Cao Zhen targets another player is "Enemy Foresight", the target can use one fewer attack.  If the target somehow increases the number of attacks that they can use, they will still be able to attack, but a fewer number of times.