Cao Zhang
Cao Zhang 曹彰
Yellowed Bearded Man 黄须儿

Galloping General 将驰
During Cao Zhang's drawing phase, he can select one of the following options:

1.) Cao Zhang draws one extra card, but cannot play Attack cards during this turn.

2.) Cao Zhang draws one fewer card and can attack an additional time his turn. Additionally,  Cao Zhang's Attacks have no range restrictions.
  • Note that "Galloping General" is not enforced. Cao Zhang can choose not to activate this ability and draw two cards during his drawing phase with no advantages/disadvantages during his action phase. 
  • When choosing option one of "Galloping General," Cao Zhang cannot use Attack cards in any capacity. This includes playing Attack cards in a Duel and discarding Attacks when trying to damage someone with Blaze
  • Note that when Cao Zhang activates option two of "Galloping General," all Attacks played during Cao Zhang's turn have an infinite range. If Cao Zhang has the Crossbow and he uses three Attacks, all three of them have no range restrictions.
 Strengths Weaknesses
  • The two options of "Galloping General" work well together. Option one can be used to store up Attack cards for option two.
  • Option two of "Galloping General" works similarly to Tai Shi Ci's "Heaven's Justice" and Gao Shun's "Ambush," but he does not need to win a competition to get the benefits of the power. Also, as mentioned previously, option one of this ability is useful in storing up Attacks for this ability. This is another advantage that Cao Zhang has over these other characters, as they do not have an option that allows them to acquire Attack cards more quickly when they are not using their abilities. 
  • Because option two of "Galloping General" removes range restrictions of his Attacks, Cao Zhang does not need to worry about acquiring weapons and -1 Horses to help him reach his targets.
  • While Cao Zhang's "Galloping General" is easier to activate than "Heavenly Justice" and "Ambush," it is not as powerful as these other abilities. Although he does not need to win a competition to activate the ability, he also cannot use this ability to waste an enemy's hand card.
  • Cao Zhang becomes weaker in games in which there are more players. When there are more people in a game, Cao Zhang does not get the increased drawing power of option one of "Galloping General" as often as when he does when there are fewer people in a game because there are more people who take turns between Cao Zhang's turns. 

Notable Combinations:
  • Liu Bei/Xun Yu/Guo Jia/Xu Shu - These characters can give Cao Zhang cards and help his activate option two of "Galloping General" more often.
  • Sima Yi/Xiahou Dun/Fa Zheng/Cai Wen Ji - These characters have retaliatory abilities that make it expensive/painful for Cao Zhang to Attack them, especially if he activates option two of "Galloping General."
  • Liu Shan/Yu Jin - These characters have defensive abilities that make it more difficult for Cao Zhang to Attack them.
 KingCao Zhang is a poor king choice. His ability is better suited for fighting than keeping himself alive.
 LoyalistCao Zhang can be a competent loyalist. "Galloping General" is useful when trying to pick off a weak rebel.
 RebelCao Zhang is a competent rebel. "Galloping General" allows him to target the king no matter where he is seated at the table and he does not need to worry about acquiring weapons to reach him/her.
 SpyCao Zhang is a mediocre spy. He can change the tides of battle quickly if he is able to activate option two of "Galloping General," but he may not have the Attacks required to use this option effectively when the time is right.

Final Remarks:
Cao Zhang suffers from the 'Zhou Yu Effect.' Like Zhou Yu, Cao Zhang is powerful in games in which there are fewer players and weaker in games in which there are more players. When using him, use the same mindset that you would use when using Tai Shi Ci and Gao Shun. Try to acquire the Wood Armor and use option two of "Galloping General" only when you are ready to use two Attacks.