Cao Chong 5
Cao Chong 曹冲
Caring Child Prodigy 仁爱的神童

Weigh the Elephant 称象
Whenever Cao Chong is damaged, he can show the top four cards of the deck. He then takes any combination of them so that the total of all the numbers is less than fourteen.

Benevolence 仁心
When another player with one health is damaged, Cao Chong can flip his general card and discard an equipment card.  All the damage is then prevented.  
  • When Cao Chong activates "Weighing the Elephant," an Ace has a value of 1, a Jack has a value of 11, a Queen has a value of 12, and a King has a value of 13.
  • Cao Chong has to keep the the sum of the cards he collects from "Weighing the Elephant" below 14. The sum can now equal 13, meaning that he will is now able to take a King when using "Weigh the Elephant."
  • "Benevolence" now prevents all damage when done rather than healing one.  If someone is at one health and gets with Wine, they would normally need two Peaches.  When Cao Chong uses "Belevolence", all the damage is prevented.  No matter how much damage is caused, Cao Chong can stop it all by using "Belevolence" only once.
  • Cao Chong cannot use "Benevolence" to save a player that was previously at 2 health.  If they go straight from 2 to 0 health, he cannot use his power.